Garnet Hill

I have always loved decorating.  I could spend hours flipping through design magazines and will often envision a room in my head.   I joke that my dad just needs to build a shed in our back yard so that I can buy all the things I like and want for my future home.  For a while now, I've known that in my next "big girl bed" (once I get my own place), I want a white matelasse bedspread.  I love the idea of a white bedspread with pops of color through the use of coverlets and pillows.  I'm also a huge fan of Euro shams and the layering of many pillows.

My bedspread for all four years of college was a green matelasse bedspread I actually ordered from Pottery Barn Kids.  My favorite detail of the bedspread is probably the scalloped edges.

College bedding--if you look closely you'll notice the scalloped edges.

Well, knowing that I want white matelasse and like the scalloped edges, I always have my eyes peeled for that perfect bedspread.  A few nights ago I was doing some online window shopping and decided to check out Garnet Hill.  And what do you think was on the homepage??

THE EXACT BEDSPREAD I HAVE ENVISIONED:  white matelasse, Euro shams, and scalloped edges--AND, drumroll please, it's on sale!

Isn't it lovely?

I've decided to order it now and incorporate my current bedspread (which I still love 7 years after I first got it) kind of like the green spread and pillows are added in the picture.  I'll post pictures once it comes in!

After finding the quilt I continued to peruse the site and was not disappointed.  Here were some of my other favorite finds:

Of course some Lilly:

I would love sheets in this print!


I prefer the green!

They also carry tons of fun sheets!

Aren't these precious?

Love these robots for a boy's bedroom!

GH also has gorgeous rugs galore...

I'll take everything in this picture!

These would be perfect for my future rivah house!

Arent' the flowers lovely?

Oh, and did I mention--they also sell clothing for women and kids?

Love the ruffle and ruching detail.

OBSESSED with this cardigan!

Not sure if I could pull it off, but I love this vest!

This would be perfect with my bright yellow chino shorts!

I have been dreaming about these rings for a few days now!

Do you like Garnet Hill?  Where are some of your favorite places to find bedding?


  1. My mother has that white Garnet Hill bedding! It is so so soft. The best part is that you can buy funky sheet sets to mix up the look if it starts to get old...perf!

    I am loving the Painted Ponies bedding...it is absolutely precious!


    lamb loves

  2. I love GH!

    I need that green runner/rug. LOVE!

    Happy Wednesday sweets!

  3. Oh la la, gorgeous finds! Love the needlepoint pillows and the stacking rings!

  4. Don't you love it when you find exactly what you've been wanting?!? That bedding is gorgeous! Thank you for your sweet comment about my trip. Believe me, it's all smoke and mirrors! ;)

  5. That's exciting to get new bedding! I'm still deciding what I'll do for my new apartment at UVA...
    I love those rings!

  6. I love those little stacking rings, and I love your college bedding! Why would you want to stray from it?! I re-did my entire bedroom when I moved back home, and it will serve as a "grown-up" guest room once I move out.

  7. I love my matelasse bedding from West Elm! My husband gets too hot at night for a comforter, so it was the perfect solution. I layer a Dwell Studio quilt from Target on top for more color. Congrats on finding exactly what you want on sale - that always makes my day!

  8. I have the same love of interior decorating! My mom gets so upset with me for switching up my bedding so often, but I can't help it! :)

    I love your current bedding & the new quilt you just purchased. Both are so lovely!!

  9. I am loving the scalloped bedding and those LP monkey sheet are too cute! Be sure to check out my polo shirt giveaway. xx

  10. I love a crisp white bedspread. I must warn you that I had one in college and it SO dirty!!! Now, I think I may need one for the summer on my bed :)

  11. I have never heard of Garnet Hill! I just checked out their website, and they have some cute, cute things!! I currently have a Shabby Chic quilt on my bed (which I love) but I'll definitely be ordering from GH when it's time for new bedding! Thanks for this post :)

  12. Eeh! My bedding is from Garnet Hill. I think we really are meant to be great friends!

  13. I LOVE the white bedding you chose! It's so classic and crisp. The scalloped edges make even more adorable!

  14. We have white bedding too, with a crisp green monogram and euro shams! I love the one you bought! I love that green needlepoint pillow too...that might need to be incorporated into the pillow scheme in our master :) I had never heard of Garnet Hill, but it's going into my favorites folder now!

  15. I always want to buy things for my future home as well! And I was thinking about doing white bedding with colorful pillows and things for my bedroom next year!

  16. Umm why have I never heard of Garnet Hill before? Everything you listed is super cute! I have to check their website out immediately! Thanks!! :) xoxo

  17. Don't you love finding exactly what you're looking for?! It's the best. :)

    Just found your blog- very cute. Looks like I'll have to call on you when I'm looking for new bedding! ;)

    Have a great evening.

  18. That Orleans bedding set looks so inviting. You're going to have one chic house someday :)

    Julie. littlepinkrainboots.blogspot.com

  19. This is a totally amazing new source for me! I can't wait to check out the rest of their stuff....that bedding is going to be FABULOUS!

  20. Love GH. I have Lilly bedding that I purchased this winter to bring some Spring into our bedroom. I can tell you that it really saved me on a snow day! Great post today.

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  21. LOVE the bedding you chose. and lilly will always be my fave - totally reminds me of my college days!

  22. What fantastic finds! I LOVE your bedspread. And the Lilly sheets are fabulous!

    Happy Wednesday!

    xoxo, elizabeth

  23. I love Garnet Hill. Their products are so soft and luxurious!

  24. I love Garnet Hill and look forward to getting the catalog every month! Love the new bedspread, it will look fantastic!

  25. I can't wait to get new bedding & this makes me even more excited! I love all of these pictures. <3

  26. Getting new bedding is so exciting. My vote is the white Garnet Hill bedding!!!!! I think you have a lot of options you can do with it between sheets, pillows, blankets, rugs, etc. Keep us posted on what you get. :)

  27. When Lilly and Garnet Hill joined forces, I nearly died. LOVE!

  28. I'm trying to play catch up. I love Garnet Hill. It's one of my favorite catalogues.

  29. I love Garnet Hill! I'm trying to pick a bed spread from them for my apartment next year.

  30. I have the monogrammed Chinoiserie Towels!


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