DIY Grad Gift

Wooohoo, it's Thursday, and that means--tomorrow's FRIDAY!!

With graduation season upon us, I thought for today's post I would share a really easy, do-it-yourself high school graduation gift idea:  a personalized bulletin board!

I received one of these from my best friend ARS for high school graduation.  Her hint to me before receiving it was:  "It's something almost every college student has, but yours is going to be more special."

ARS bought a basic cork bulletin board with a wooden frame and then painted and personalized it.

She used letter and flower stickers as well as a wooden sun.  ARS spelled out my first and middle name as you can see:  "alexandra bennett" and then also put one of my favorite Emerson quotes on it:  "Live in the sunshine."

This bulletin board was a part of each room I lived in during college and will surely have a place in my future home.  

After move-in day, first year, I realized I had a big open wall for another bulletin board, so my dad made me a second personalized bulletin board.

This was it before I added pictures.

For this one, he painted the wooden frame pink and drilled holes in all four corners.  He put silver grommets around each hole and then put ribbon through each hole.  He also added silver letters that hang from the top of the frame and spell out "ALLIE".

This also was incorporated into my room each year of college and will have a place in my future home!

If you want to see each bulletin board larger, just click on their respective pictures!

What I love about this graduation gift is:  Not only is it easy and inexpensive, it is also a very personal and memorable gift.  Gifts like these, which are from the heart, always mean the most.

Do you have any great graduation gift ideas to share?  What was your favorite graduation gift?