Classic Cuff

Hello everyone!

Today, I wanted to share one of my absolute favorite pieces of jewelry--a monogrammed silver cuff bracelet.  It can be found here at The Silver Goose.

I got it for my 19th birthday first year:

On the phone thanking my godparents for the bracelet!

I then lost it at this SAE Foam Party, second year:

It slipped right off of my hand and into the foam!
Allie and CAE

Luckily, my good friend JEB found it and it has been worn on many occasions:

Big Night 2008

Please don't judge--I thought y'all could use a good laugh at my expense!
DLC and Allie

DLC and Allie

Keg Kill Champions (no thanks to me--I hate beer and was just a cheerleader at this event!)

DJC and Allie

LEE and Allie

It even is the perfect fishing accessory!

What I love about this bracelet is its classic timeless look.  It can be worn fishing or to formals!  

This would make the perfect gift for any special lady in your life (or yourself!).

And here's the kicker-- it's only $59!!! Click here to order it!

What are your staple jewelry pieces?