Old Town, Alexandria

This weekend I went to visit my friend MRB in Arlington, VA.  She and I were Resident Advisors (RAs) together during my second year of college.  That was the toughest year of my life thus far, and MRB, was one of the friends that really helped me through it.  It's always so special to see her!

We headed straight to dinner when I got there!  Knowing my love of barbecue, MRB thought Rocklands would be a good choice.

The atmosphere and decor was incredible!

My meal-- Chopped Pork Sandwich, Mac-N-Cheese, and Fries
The barbecue sauce was mild and sweet

After dinner we got ready for a night out on the town!

MRB and Allie

We spent most of the evening at Black Finn.  As we were closing our tab, I jokingly suggested that the bartender give us one more round for free as a St. Patrick's day present-- I was shocked when he agreed!  Our drink of the night was one of my favorites, a Dirty Shirley Temple.

Saturday we spent the day shopping in Old Town, Alexandria.  This charming area is filled with historic homes, great restaurants, and cute shops!

Our first stop was at Treat.  They had lots of cute clothes at very reasonable prices and I LOVED their jewelry selection.

Some of the jewelry they had to offer

They also had a nice selection of designer jeans.

MRB got this fun top (that is the back-- don't you just love those buttons?)!

We then decided to check out the Gap Outlet.  I don't usually have a lot of luck at Gap, but was pleasantly surprised this time!

I liked the cardigan so much I took the one I had on off, and switched into the new one!

I'm hoping to channel Audrey Hepburn by pairing my Black Patent Revas with the new black Gap skinny jeans.

After that we checked out Diva a really cute consignment shop.

I got a kick out of this pink phone that was on display upstairs.

I ADORED this CK Bradley tunic, but sadly it did not fit.

We headed over to Mint Condition, another upscale consignment shop, next.  MRB bought a beautiful yellow and white dress for an upcoming wedding and I purchased a J. Crew skirt with its original tags still on it!

These Revas were a steal for $48, however they were not my size.

To end the day, MRB treated me to a cupcake at Lavender Moon Cupcakery.

I selected a devil's food cupcake with peanut butter icing dipped in chocolate ganache.

All in all, the day was a great success!

Allie and MRB

Do you have any favorite stops in Old Town?

Before heading back to Cville, I stopped to visit my aunt in Woodbridge, VA.  She always spoils me!  I had a delicious home-cooked meal (baked mac-n-cheese was on the menu, just for me) and also came home with some new cookbooks, a Kristin Hannah book to read, and a bottle of Captain Morgan Lime Bite to try!

The drive back was BEAUTIFUL!  Lots of farmland and rolling hills!

I even stopped at one point to snap a pic--see what I mean?

It was a wonderful weekend filled with people I love!


  1. What a GREAT weekend - you found so much cute gear, and I must try a dirty shirley - YUM!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

    You are SO lucky to live so close to DC! I love that city, and am hoping to plan a trip with my husband soon. I'll have to check out the shopping in Alexandria!

  3. Love that area! I'm from the DC Area and I love love love how many small downtown areas we have! Glad you had fun!

  4. Great outing, my wife believes in "retail therapy" to center her soul!

  5. I love Alexandria, it is just the cutest area! The weather up here in NY is less than pretty today, this post made me extra happy about going to visit my parents back in VA in a couple weeks!

  6. What a cool weekend! This is so weird, but my aunt and uncle live in Woodbridge. My grandfaterh was in the military so they grew up on the base in Quantico and then my grandparents and aunt and uncle moved to Woodbridge decades ago. Small world! I love Old Town!

  7. Hey cutie! What a fabulous weekend you had! I used to live in DC and I love Old Town Alexandria. So many cute shops and restaurants, looks like you really found some great little places to put on my list of must-visits! Your blog is adorable, can't wait to read more :) xoox Have a great week!!

  8. wow... Revas for $45... that is awesome. I know you were sad they weren't your size. Such a cute blog!

  9. I love old town, was there with my husband several months ago for the first time...so charming! That cardi is adorable, what a find!

  10. Hey girl!

    Hope your Monday is going great! I gave you the Stylish Blogger Award!!!! Go to my page for the info :)


  11. Looks like you had tons of fun and luck shopping! :) Thank you for the Fossil shoe suggestion. Those are super cute! I might have to look into those! I'm like seriously worried I'm going to end up in Dansko's before too long...ha

  12. I would be in HEAVEN shopping there!

    I will definitely be trying a dirty Shirley temple....soon!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have REALLY enjoyed reading yours.

  13. You are adorable and delightful. I loved reading about your day. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have to read to my oldest, finish my column for the newspaper, but I will be back to read some more.

    Join me on Facebook! You may like it. I will share recipes from time to time, and I try to get people to comment on things. Sometimes I have luck and sometimes I don't.

  14. Thanks to all the support from EVERYONE!! i feel like i have a whole new set of best friend. And Hines-Sight done, I am now a facebook follower :)

  15. It was SO wonderful having you here with me this weekend. We were overdue for some girl time and particularly some shopping time! I wore my new coral-colored sweater today. We'll have to do a Charlottesville wine tasting weekend or a Richmond weekends sometime this spring! Talk to you soon!

  16. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend, and you got so many cute things! I love your sweater! Hope the rest of your week is fabulous!

  17. It's always fun to see old friends. And great shopping in a cute town just adds on to the greatness of it all!

  18. I love your blog! So many great things in this post... where to begin!?!?! Looks like you had a great time.

  19. Hey honey!!!! Loving your blog. You are adorable and it looks like you had an amazing trip. I'm following you back...thanks for the follow! Have a great Tuesday doll. Kori xoxo


  20. Looks like an amazing time!! It's so wonderful to hang out and catch up with college friends!!

  21. Hi There! Thanks so much for following me on Shopaholic In Alabama - I came over to check out your blog and love it! Super cute! :-)
    Your trip looks like so much fun, I LOVE Old Town Alexandria and used to travel there all the time (work). I miss it, and you're right, they have some fabulous shopping!
    Keep up the great posts, can't wait to read more of your adventures! XOXO

  22. Welcome to the blog world! Thanks for checking out my blog, I hope to get back to posting daily this week!! Love your blog, can't wait to read more! And those are some great finds you got this weekend! xox

  23. Love that pink phone! Looks like a fun weekend! Welcome to the blog world!

  24. I trained for my job in Alexandria so, I spent many weeks there. Very neat place! Glad you had a great time! Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

  25. Love your blog! So cute. Welcome to the blog community.

    Old Town is one of my favorite places around D.C. When I lived there a couple of years ago, I would visit on the weekends a lot. My favorite restaurant there is the Fish Market, because it reminded me of home. There is so many great shops in that area. Too bad those shoes weren't in your size...doesn't always seem to work out that way...

  26. welcome to blog world!! :) your blog is super cute!! and man oh man those shoes are lovely!!


  27. Lovelovelove your blog as well! And I am so jealous you got to go to Alexandria! I love that entire area but don't get to go there very often! I'm from the midwest but have family in Annapolis & that is my second favorite city (second to DC!) in the entire world! It's so cute & small!

  28. My favorite place in Old Town is Union Street-a bar and restaurant. I have wonderful memories of being there with my bf (now husband) and friends. Murphys is also a fun Irish pub.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is great and I will follow so I can keep up.

  29. What a great tour!! I would love to visit there one day :)

  30. Love that you went shopping in Old Town! I live there:) Next time you're here, make sure to check out Current Boutique - has both consignment items and new stuff. I think you'd love it!

  31. That picture of the farm is my heaven. You look so adorable! Looks like an amazing time. I love Old Town

  32. I never made it to Alexandria when at UVA - sad b/c it looks adorable!


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