Divine Intervention

Over this last week a few little things have happened that, while not life shattering, have been frustrating.  Rather than letting them get me down, however, I like to think of these hiccups as Divine Intervention.

For example...

One day, I woke up at 5:55 AM to attend a morning cycle class at 6:15.  By the time I got there, the class was already full.  Rather than getting really upset by this, I looked at it as Divine Intervention, or the Man Upstairs's way of suggesting I go home and get two more hours of sleep.

I'd like to think I look this cute while sleeping...

Another night, right after pouring some CocaCola I had been craving, I managed to drop my cup and spill it all.  Rather than getting frustrated by the spill (luckily it was outside so required no clean-up) and my lost caffeine, I thought, Divine Intervention-- God must be showing me that I do NOT need that extra sugar and calories.
Don't cry over spilled milk....or Coke, either!

Lastly, when some of my regular babysitting hours for the week were cancelled, rather than being upset by the lack of cash, I thought-- you guessed it Divine Intervention.  I must need that few hours for some "me" time...and so I headed to one of my favorite places Barnes and Noble to curl up with a book.

My guilty pleasure-- reading a fun book at Barnes and Noble when I have countless pages of reading for class!

I've found that looking at life's little challenges in this way, really makes things easier.  Don't sweat the small stuff!  

Do you have any examples of Divine Intervention in your life recently?