Apple Blossom Allie

Happy Monday!!  Thanks to everyone for all their great "A" Costume suggestions!  After emailing back and forth a bit with Bella at Southern Somedays, I decided on "Apple Blossom."

I made the tutu with ribbon and fabric and the crown with flower garland and jewelry wire.  My date was my best guy friend BSB.  These initials do not stand for his name, rather our nicknames.  We became best friends in sixth grade when we shared the same bus stop.  We nicknamed each other "Bus Stop Buddies" or BSB for short!  He was Johnny Appleseed.

Allie and BSB

Alphabet Soup, Apple Blossom, Amazing

It was such a fun and bittersweet night.  It's a weird thought that I won't have any more themed date functions.  Next month is formal, and I'm sure that too will be bittersweet.  The next morning BSB and I grabbed brunch at Bluegrass Grill.  If you are ever anywhere near Charlottesville, you MUST eat there!  It has been voted the Top 5 best breakfasts in Virginia and year after year it wins both Best Breakfast and Best Brunch in "The Best of Cville".  I ordered the Denver Omelet with Home Fries and Toast.

Are you drooling yet?

I wrapped the weekend up by having Sunday brunch with AMF, one of my very best friends here at school.  Brunch has been our tradition since first year and I am wishing and hoping she ends up in Richmond next year.

Allie and AMF

After brunch we headed to "Catwalk for Crohn's," a fashion show put on by the Second Year Council (many of whom are Alpha Phis).  It featured Foxfield Preview fashions from the The Pink Palm (Lilly), The Young Men's Shop (Southern Proper), and Duo (variety of designers including Trina Turk, Shoshanna, and Alice & Trixie).  

my ticket and program

This cause is particularly near and dear to my heart, because my mom was diagnosed with Crohn's disease a little over two years ago.  It was so fun to see the girls and guys strut their stuff down the runway and get outfit ideas, while helping a wonderful cause.  

Lastly, I can't believe I'm already at 100+ followers.  Thank you so much to everyone!  I have really enjoyed this new endeavor and can't wait to get to know you all more through the blogging world.


  1. OMG...you look adorable!!!! And Johnny Appleseed is the PERFECT date! So glad you had a good weekend. I will post about Parent Weekend soon (((hugs)))

  2. The Apple Blossom idea was too cute! I might need to put that one in my memory tank for the next dress up occasion! Yes...your breakfast did make me drool!

  3. Your costume is adorable! It sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. I am beyond jealous that you had breakfast at Bluegrass Grill. Best breakfast ever in my opinion!

  4. I will definitely keep Bluegrass Grill in mind for next year. Great costume!

  5. Your costume is so cute! I wish I could have gone to that fashion show with you--it sounds like so much fun!

  6. your blog is so adorable. I love your costume! How creative!

    Adventures of Newlyweds

  7. Love the costume! Definitely perfect choice for the area!!!


  8. oh btw I forgot to ask...did you get the tunic in the mail? How did it fit??


  9. Cute costume! Sounds like you had fun.

  10. How cute you look honey! Hope you had a great weekend doll! Kori xoxo


  11. Cute and creative! It turned out perfect and it sounds like a great day! It's always hard when chapters in our life are coming to an end...but with every end is a new beginning, right? (c; I guess I'm a silver lining kind of gal! Happy Monday!

  12. That omelet looks so yum! You always dress cute and I agree, I think we would get along great. That is so cool you are getting your Masters during undergrad, how does that work? I'll be getting mine while teaching, which will probably be a little hectic but if you can do it during undergrad, I am thinking I should be able to manage it.

  13. Costume is so cute! It looks like you had an amazing weekend...I'm jealous! I am from Virginia and will definitely have to be making a trip to Charlottesville because that plate looks amazing!

  14. Very cute! Love the outfit! Thanks for stopping by!



  15. Adorable costume! I am always enamored by creative costume ideas! Thanks for stopping by my blog today...consider me your newest follower, hope you will do the same :)


  16. You look lovely, and I love the costume! What a fab idea! Looks like you had such fun. XO

  17. I LOVE your costume - it came together so cute!!

  18. such a cute idea!!! thanks for all your help with my new blog!!!!

  19. You look soo adorable and pretty! The flowers are so sweet on you!

    Btw, the Mystery Blog Project is now revealed! Come and join us!



    It's OUT! Come and join The Pajama Project!

    Twenty York Street

    Twenty York Street's The Pajama Project

  20. you are the cutest! love the costume and yes I was drooling over the omlet (doesn't help that I'm STARVING right now)Have a great week! -Ann

  21. How fun! Makes me reminisce about my long lost college days ;). Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm happy to have found yours! Consider me your newest follower!


  22. Thanks for visiting my blog....LOVE yours and I hope you keep up the great work!!!

    I, too, am in Richmond, and wanted to tell you (and your mom) that a dear friend of mine, also from Richmond, has written an awesome book on Crohn's Disease, telling how her daughter's was healed. It's called "Reaching for Answers to Crohn's Disease" and her name is Martha Kalichman. It's at Barnes and Noble, on Amazon.com, etc.

    Continued success on your darling blog!

    The Classic Preppy
    (also from Richmond, VA!!)

  23. YOU! are the cutest! and that breakfast...I actually am drooling now.

  24. you are too cute! I want to try that place for breakfast now! what are your other favorite places to shop/eat/see in Charlottesville?


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