Fly Fishing

Last spring I took a fly fishing weekend course.  I have grown up fishing and on the water, but had never tried fly fishing.  I really enjoyed it and getting in the water with waders was fantastic!  I, regretfully, however have not had much practice since that weekend.  This warm weather is making me resolve to work on my fly skills!


Any fisherman out there have tips for me??

On a side note.....
In case you were wondering, the green dress mentioned yesterday did make a St. Patrick's Day Appearance
Hope you all had as fun a night as I did!
Allie and one of my favorite new APhis


  1. For easy practice that's great fun try rubber legged spiders on a pond full of pan fish. Most ponds have open space around them to practice casting.

  2. I'm sure my Hubby would have tons of suggestions - he loves fly fishing. I really need to try it, it seems like a great sport.

  3. James has sage advice...also...do not be afraid to just practice in the backyard...and pick up any book by Lefty Kreh...see my post on him for more info.

  4. Thanks for the tips! Good to know. I was actually lucky enough to see Lefty last year-- the weekend of my course fell on the same weekend as the VA Fly Fishing Festival, so I got to hear tips from the experts there as well!

  5. Such a cute dress! I, unfortunately, have no tips for fly fishing but it looks fun!

  6. No tips for fly fishing other than don't take a 10 year old boy. Their "help" is not really helpful for any kind of fishing.

  7. Fly fishing looks like so much fun! I love your dress, too!

  8. Love the dress! I've never been fly fishing before! Neat :)

    Your new follower,

  9. no tips but you looks SO cute! Have fun

  10. My husband is an avid fisherman and has always said he wanted to try fly fishing. I hear it is hard!! Hope you enjoyed it.


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