Time Flies!

Happy Hump Day readers!

Wow, time sure does fly by!  I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted.  Since deciding to cut back on the blog, as many of y'all know, I am now posting twice a week.  I'm going to aim for Mondays and Wednesdays, but am going to adjust according to my schedule.  Therefore this week's posts are today and Friday!

I figured I'd take today to update you on what's been going on in my world.

Since I last posted I have been quite busy but also SO happy!  I really have seemed to find a balance between getting all my work done and also finding time for myself.

The end of my week last week revolved around school.  Thursday was "Back to School" night and Friday, we culminated our 3 week shapes unit with a fun Halloween-geometry activity I came up with for my students. It's now my fourth week of teaching full time (i.e. taking over the classroom completely) and I am really enjoying it and feel so inspired by the career path I've chosen.

The students designed their own Jack O'Lanterns made of shapes we've studied (square, circle, triangle, rectangle, rhombus, hexagon).  Each yellow shape is labeled with its name and on the back students glued a worksheet that had spots for them to record how many of each shape they used on their Jack O'Lantern.

After school Friday I drove straight to my old high school for the Homecoming parade.  This year, CJE, my cousin, was one of the princesses.  After the parade we had a family dinner at Melito's, a Richmond favorite.

Her Royal Highness

Saturday, I slept in and my parents and I went out to brunch followed by a surprise shopping excursion.  One of the items purchased was the Michael Kors Horn Jet Set Watch that I have been ogling over and posted about here and here!  It was an early graduation/Student Teaching present and I couldn't be more grateful!  I put it on before we even left the store and have barely taken it off since.  While we were at Nordstrom my parents also bought a few other things off of my Birthday/Christmas wishlist--any guesses what they might be? (see list here)  The other items are being put away for birthday and Christmas and I am so excited!

Time Flies when you're having fun and wearing a gorgeous watch!

Saturday night, Bryce and I went on a double date with Claire, from Life in the Sweet Virginia Breeze, and her Mr. C.  It was so great to meet him and the four of us had a really fun time!  Sunday Bryce and I spent the day relaxing and running all sorts of errands.

Since the weekend, the start of this week has been great.  Monday night I had dinner with my Grandma "Jac Jac" and last night I surprised my mom by cooking dinner for the two of us!  

Finally, I wanted to introduce a new idea and hear what y'all think.  I've come up with an idea for a regular link-up called "Lately."  Over the last few days I've been snapping pictures of random things to compile for a post sharing little snippets of what's been going on in my life lately.  Then I thought, it might be a fun post to host as a link-up.  Everyone would post just snapshots they've taken lately with small captions as a photo tour of their recent life.  What do y'all think?  If I added this to the blog, how often would you want it?  Once a week?  Every other week?  Once a month?  Let me know and hopefully we can make this happen!

How have y'all's weeks been going?  What's been going on in your world?