Pumpkin Patching

Happy Monday readers...I hate to admit it, but I'm having a case of the Mondays!  I had an absolutely fabulous weekend and I'm just not quite ready to say goodbye to it and begin a new week.

One of the highlights of our weekend was going to Chesterfield Berry Farm on Saturday with my parents. My mom had seen an ad in the paper about this farm's fall festivities and thought it might be a fun outing! (Warning:  picture heavy!!)

We knew we were in the right place when we arrived and saw the sign for "Pumpkin Road"!

The farm had lots of fun activities and we checked them all out!

I couldn't help but take a picture of these cuties playing in the corn pit!

Yes--you are allowed to laugh at my expense!

Family is everything!

Bryce was an excellent sport and posed for lots of pictures...

We got a kick out of this barrel train!


Bryce had fun shooting the corn cannon!

After lunch we checked out the gourd tent which had crafts, preserves, and produce galore for sale!

Mini Pumpkins

I thought this "Give Thanks" flag would be SO cute in a classroom!

I thought these bumpy pumpkins were so gross looking--they would definitely make for an interesting and perhaps spooky Jack-O-Lantern!

I had never seen this type of pumpkin before, but I thought they were so beautiful!

Gotta love white pumpkins!

Pretty Apples

Our next stop was the animal area!

This little calf was SO cute!



I thought the coloring of these ducks was really cool!

And THIS was the coolest contraption--you could send food up in cups to the goats using this pulley system.

Our last and my most favorite stop of the day was the pumpkin patch!  We took a hayride to get there!

Our plush ride!

Mommy and Daddy

Bryce and Allie

There seemed to be pumpkins for MILES!

Holding a big one!

I liked this little guy!

Bryce found a keeper!

Our picks!

The rest of our weekend was spent relaxing and enjoying time with friends!

Have you picked any pumpkins yet?  

What are your favorite fall outings? 

How'd you spend your weekend?

Have a great Monday!