This week has been a slow one and I am so thankful that Friday is here!

I got some really great feedback from y'all about the "Lately" link-up idea on Wednesday and am going to do the first link-up one week from today:  Friday, November4!  Have fun taking snapshots of your life lately over the next week!

Today is "Character Day" at school and students are allowed to dress up as a favorite literary character.  I jump on any chance to dress in costume and was thrilled for this Halloween inspired Spirit Day.

On the Sundresses and Smiles Facebook page (click here) I posted a poll yesterday asking readers to guess what character I was going to be, the choices were:

As you can tell from today's title I chose Pinkalicious!

Pinkalicious tells the story of Pinkalicious who absolutely adores pink everything, especially pink cupcakes.  After a few too many pretty pink cupcakes though, she finds herself in quite the predicament--she has turned...PINK!

I thought this was the perfect costume because my favorite color is pink and my mentor teacher's favorite is purple and Kann has written a sequel called Purplicious.

Creating the costume was no problem--I have just about pink everything and it was so fun putting it all together in one crazy outfit!

All pink outfit, courtesy of J. Crew
Vintage Matchstick Cords, Painter Tee, and Jackie Cardigan

Fancy Jewels!

GIANT Pink Sunglasses

And last, but certainly not least...

Fabulous, Sparkly Pink Shoes!

Here is the final product all put together:

Have a pretty, playful, pleasing, pinkalicious weekend!