Homecoming Weekend

Happy Monday readers!

I am happy to report that my sinus infection is 99% cured and that this weekend in Cville was lots of fun  and also provided some relaxation time that I desperately needed.

We got into Cville early Friday evening, got checked into our hotel, and ready for dinner with AMF and her boyfriend CKJ.  AMF is one of my very best friends from college so I was so happy for she and Bryce to meet. We ate at one of our favorite Cville spots:  The Local.

Friends since First Year Orientation!



After dinner we headed back to the hotel and to bed.  We had a busy day planned for Saturday and I knew that if we tried to go out Friday night, I would pay for it the rest of the weekend.

Saturday morning we headed to Bodo's Bagels for breakfast with some friends (loving Bodo's is pretty much a requirement for C'villians).  After Bodo's we stopped by to see some friends and I walked Bryce by the Alpha Phi house.  After that it was time to get ready for the football game.  We headed to Mellow Mushroom for lunch with friends (are you noticing that eating is a trend in Charlottesville?), stopped by a tailgate to see Cutie B and his dad, and then enjoyed the game, which turned out to be a surprising win against Georgia Tech!

Scott Stadium at half time!

After the game we quickly went home, changed, and grabbed a quick bite to eat.  We were headed downtown to see Trey Anastasio play.  Bryce has really broadened my taste in music and I had a blast at the concert (any excuse to wear glowsticks is a fun time in my book).  My favorite song was his rendition of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia."

sporting my glowstick crown!

After the concert we did a little barhopping and got some late night food at Little John's.  Sunday was spent sleeping in, enjoying brunch at Hotcakes and doing a bit of shopping around C'ville.

My fun weekend definitely re-energized me for the week ahead!

What did you do this weekend?