Here Fishy, Fishy...

Happy Monday and Happy August to all of you!

Because today is the first day of August that means it's time for African Aspirations, however, I decided to push that back a day so I could tell all of you about my fishing trip on the Rappahanock River this weekend!

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early and left the house by 5:45 am! We were on the water by 7:00 and though I would have loved to sleep in that morning, it was gorgeous being out so early.

My idea of "fishing" usually consists of fishing a little bit, and then heading up to the bow to lay out and read for a while.  Saturday was no different, however, I stopped fishing altogether after about ten minutes.  My favorite thing to do in the world is be on the boat, so I spent my day lounging up on the bow (which has always been my spot), chit-chatting with the guys, and just basking in the sun!

My short fishing stint

RLE & Allie

the guys

The fish weren't biting at our first spot, so we decided to try somewhere else.  I headed up to the bow and enjoyed the cruise!

The weather was gorgeous: blue skies and a nice breeze

My favorite spot on the boat!

getting the lines ready at our next spot!

Turns out we didn't have much luck there either, so we headed somewhere else...

our captain for the day!

An important part of fishing is patience and we certainly had that...


RLE, RLE, Daddy

After awhile, I was beginning to think we were going to go home empty handed.  My dad finally caught something, though...a CRAB, only he was missing two legs!  We teased him that the only thing he could catch was a handicapped crab.

Our luck, eventually changed, though..

the guys caught 5 or 6 perch in a row!

Daddy & Allie

However, our good luck sadly did not last long.  At about 1 pm, when the breeze vanished, we decided to call it a day.

As we were leaving, we called my mom to let her know we were on the way home.  She excitedly asked "Are y'all bringing a cooler full of fish home?"  We had to tell her that it was in fact, a bad day of fishing.  I think this Billy Currington song, "A Bad Day of Fishing Beats a Good Day of Anything Else" should be our theme song for the day:

Have you ever had a bad day of fishin'?  How was your weekend?