Preppy Cards

Happy Friday!

This weekend, Bryce is headed to the beach with his family for a week.  I'm definitely going to miss him, but have a fun weekend planned!  Tomorrow I am going fishing with my dad, cousin, and uncle and am so excited!  Sunday I'm also getting some much needed girl time in with one of my best friends, ALG.  She has been very, very busy with the start of Physical Therapy school this summer, so any and all time with her is cherished.

Dinner with Bryce's friends Wednesday night went really well!  I got off babysitting about an hour later than usual, but lucky for me, Bryce didn't mind.  When I got there he poured me a glass of wine and let me get ready while he took care of all the cooking by himself.  We also, finally managed to get a few pictures together.  This one is my favorite:

Bryce & Allie

Finally, I wanted to apologize for the slump over here at Sundresses & Smiles.  I honestly feel like I've lost some steam and my posts aren't as interesting as they used to be.  I'm working to get back into the groove of things and also am trying hard to keep up with all of your blogs.  

Now onto today's post.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the Preppy Cards Blog.  After reading their email I have been meaning to check out their site and am so glad I finally did.

I have quite the collection of stationery and think there is something so special about giving and receiving handwritten notes.  Preppy Cards has anything and everything you need to correspond in style!

After checking out their website, here are a few of my favorite things:

These are perfect for quick, casual notes!

These would make gift wrapping a snap!

Birthday Calendar
Never forget a birthday again!

And now for my very favorite product....

This would be oh so fabulous on my future teacher desk!

To check them out, see their website (here), blog (here), or Facebook page (here)!

Do you like stationery as much as me?  Are you a fan of handwritten notes or are you more tech-savvy and prefer email?

Have a great weekend!