South Moon Under

Happy Tuesday readers!

Remember last Monday I posted about this dress LPC and I found for her to wear to a deb party?

We found it at South Moon Under.  In the past I haven't been the hugest fan of SMU:  They've always had pretty cute stuff, but I've felt like a lot of the clothes were overpriced for their quality.  When I was shopping with LPC, though, I saw A LOT of things I really liked.  I've been working really hard to cut back on spending this summer, so I decided if I was still thinking about the things I saw a week later I would go back.  Well, my friends...Friday I went back.

I got this top:

I LOVE IT!  It is so flattering and actually a little darker/more of an emerald green in person.  I also put it on hold in red and am thinking I might have to go back..they say if you love something, to buy it in every color!

I also bought this clutch:

Turquoise and Bamboo...what more could you want?

If I had an unlimited budget, I also would have bought all of these...

They even have the best section with gifts and cute things for your home!  I could do a whole post just on this section, so here's just a little preview!

Are you dying to go to South Moon Under yet?  Are there any stores that have grown on you over time?

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Have a fabulous day!