The Diaper Heroes

Happy Hump Day!

Before I start today's post, I wanted to say thank you for all your sweet comments yesterday.  I worried y'all would get tired of hearing about my new romance and want me to get back to my usual posts, but after all of your comments, I guess Bryce is here to stay on the blog, ha!  He is coming over to have a grilled cheese lunch with the Cuties and me today.  Tomorrow morning he leaves for a business trip until next Saturday, the 23rd, so don't worry if you don't hear anything after today for the next week or so.

So now onto today's post!  I've been promising you an entertaining post and here it is!

Have I mentioned that the Cuties are really silly?  If not, I'm mentioning it now.  Every day with them is filled with lots of laughs and last Friday was no exception.

As I was cleaning the kitchen after lunch Friday, all of a sudden I hear the Cuties calling "Allie, Allie" when I looked up I saw quite the sight.  Cutie B used to have to wear pull-ups at night and now that he has graduated from them, there are still a few bags of pull-ups lying around.  When I looked up this is what I saw:

Meet the Diaper Heroes...

After snapping that first picture Cutie B exclaimed:  "Put it on the blog!!"
Diaper Girl and Diaper Boy..aren't they cute?

After hearing lots of their funny antics as the Diaper Heroes I suggested they come up with a skit.  And guess what--y'all get to enjoy it!  I have two of their "skits" on film and am sharing them with you today.  Prepare yourself for lots of laughs!

I have a second video that is even more hilarious than the first, but it won't seem to load.  I'll try again later!

I hope this post provided some Hump Day entertainment! 

And don't forget, if you're ever in danger--the Diaper Heroes will be there!

Check out those MUSCLES!

Have a great day!