Happy Tuesday!

I know I promised an entertaining post today, and I have that in the works, but I didn't get home until late from Date #3 last night so I'm going for this short post instead!

Last night Bryce and I went out for pizza and then went to see Horrible Bosses--the movie was much better than I expected and really funny!  After that we relaxed at his house and even went out for a Slurpee run around 11:00--did anyone else take advantage of Free Slurpee Day?  Finally, as I left, he traded me his new Billy Currington CD for one of my favorite CDs so we can burn copies for ourselves.  I can't get enough of the song "All Day Long."

One of the things we discussed last night (which is the inspiration for this post) was things we want to do.  We decided to make a checklist of fun things and brainstormed them together--my job was to write the checklist, add more to it, and give it to him tomorrow (he's coming to have lunch with the Cuties and me) for him to put on his fridge.

In case you can't read it, on the list is:
  1. Canoeing
  2. Squirrels Game (The Flying Squirrels are Richmond's minor league baseball team)
  3. Cook Dinner Together
  4. Play Catch in the Backyard
  5. RIVER!  (Bryce has a river house and wants to take me sailing)
  6. Paint pottery @ All Fired Up
  7. Edo Squid (Edo Squid is an Italian restaurant downtown that everyone raves about and neither of us have tried yet)
  8. Take Honcho for a walk (Honcho is Bryce's black lab)
  9. Concert
  10. HAVE FUN!
  11. Add more to this list
It's a pretty good list if I do say so myself and I can't wait to check things off.

Aside from fun checklists like this, I write lists for EVERYTHING--packing lists, shopping lists, blog idea lists, To-Do lists.  I've always been a huge list maker and they help keep me organized and also help me to feel accomplished: It feels so good literally checking things off!  

Are you a list maker?

Additionally, because I don't want Sundresses and Smiles to simply become a blog about my love life, I'm planning to from here on out only touch on the high points/big news in this budding romance and promise tomorrow I will have that more entertaining post for y'all!

Have a great day!