Preppy Lunch Boxes

Happy Tuesday!

Thanks to everyone who showed an interest in guest blogging yesterday!  After getting off student teaching I literally ran nonstop last night, so I have not yet had time to respond to any of you, but will try to figure it all out and come up with some sort of schedule this week..I will be in touch!

My first day yesterday went fabulously!  I love my teacher as well as all of the other 1st grade teachers I spent much of the day with.  The school has a very fun, laid-back culture which makes me excited to be a part of it.

For today's post I wanted to share one of the many perks of teaching with you...packing a lunch!  Not only do you get to save money by taking your own meals, but you ALSO...get to carry a cute lunch box!

There are tons of cute options to dine in style:

I actually have this exact one, but with my initials and a diamond shaped monogram!

And last, but certainly NOT least...

When I mentioned to my mom I was thinking of getting this, she said she would get it for me as a treat for starting student teaching!
Do you pack a lunch? 

What are your favorite things to pack? I'm sure peanut butter is going to get old fast...

Have a great day!