I Survived!

Happy Hump Day to you all!

Though I don't want "personal days" to become a regular thing on this blog, I'm going to take another personal day today.  The epicenter of the 5.9 earthquake that hit Virginia yesterday was in the very same location as my school.  I had never experienced an earthquake before and in my initial panic thought it was a bomb and that I might not live.

Needless to say, I'm still quite shaken up.  There is so much damage to our school that we don't have school today and probably will be out for a while.  Luckily, though, all of our students made it out safely.

I'm taking today to decompress and wind down.  I also am taking this as a reminder for how blessed and grateful I am for my life and all of the wonderful people and things in it.

On a lighter note, Bryce and I are going to Luke Bryan tonight and I can't wait!  I'll leave you with some of my favorite songs of his.

Have you ever experienced an earthquake?

Do you like Luke Bryan?

Have a great day!