Last Minute Prime Gift Guide

Happy December 18, friends!





Are you ready?

As mentioned last week, we've got a little bit of wrapping left and still need to get our Christmas cards out. I ordered through Minted, a little later than intended, and our cards were supposed to arrive yesterday. Well, last night I got an email saying they were delayed 1-2 days. According to tracking, they should arrive by 10:30 am today; and while I'm disappointed, I have to say Minted is handling this in the best way possible. They refunded all shipping charges and also refunded me 30% of the order total. Fingers crossed they make it today so I can get them signed, sealed, delivered!

I decided last week it would be fun to put together one more bonus gift guide: a Last Minute Amazon Prime Gift Guide! Being that Amazon Prime is all about practicality, I figured I'd make the focus on practical gifts. Being 30 now, I find myself feeling very adult (tehehe) and wanting practical more and more. As always, most of these are things I currently own and love, or things I would want for myself. Just as I did with my other guides, I've included commentary about each item below the guide.

And if you haven't yet, be sure to check out my other 2 gifts guides. There are Prime picks in both, and many other items that are still available, on sale, and guaranteed for holiday delivery:

Salad Spinner: How did I live 28 years without a salad spinner? This salad spinner is one of our most used wedding gifts. I absolutely hate cleaning salad greens, because it's so hard to get them dry after and this spinner makes it a breeze!
Festive Dog Collar: This holiday plaid collar is so cute! The brand is Up Country and Millie has had this zebra one and matching leash (not available thru Prime), since she graduated from her little pink puppy collar. It has been on her swimming in the river, through mud, and more and is still in great shape. 
Rosebud Lip Balm: This lip balm has been in my gift guides year after year and for good reason. I've been using it for probably 10 years now and always have this tube in my purse, and the jar on my nightstand.
L'occitane Hand Cream: Good hand cream is a necessity during the cold winter months and this cream is so decadent, and doesn't leave your palms feeling greasy or clammy (my pet peeve with most hand lotions).
Amazon Fire Stick: My dad gifted us one of these years ago and we use it almost exclusively when watching TV...we really do need to cancel our cable. You can get so many streaming apps through it, and we use it to stream Pandora whenever we want to play music, as well. Bonus points if you gift an Amazon Prime membership with it.
Fitbit: Bryce just purchased a Fitbit on Cyber Monday and has been loving it. The new ones sync with your phone for texts and the sleep tracking has been motivating us both to get more shut eye.
Dry Shampoo: I've tried several different dry shampoos, at both high and low price points, and this one is hands down the BEST! It also has a nice fresh scent that isn't overpowering. I'd love for my stocking to be stuffed with Perfect Hair Day!
Coravin Wine System: This has been high on my personal wish list ever since seeing blogger Being Bridget rave about it on Instagram (see her Stories tutorial here). She's had hers for 6 years and it enables you to pour a glass of wine without unsealing the cork...meaning you could make a bottle last for months! Perfect for nights when Bryce is having a beer and I want just a glass of wine.
Champagne Stopper: If a Coravin is out of your price range, this champagne stopper is a great stocking stuffer to help extend the life of your bubbly!
Garlic Peeler: We eat A LOT of garlic and this little tool is so handy! It enables you to peel garlic with just a quick roll, avoiding the smell that can get stuck in your nails when trying to peel by hand. Great stocking stuffer!
Herb Scissors: Another favorite kitchen tool that I actually included in my Ladies Gift Guide last year. Herbs can be difficult to chop and these scissors make it quick and easy. The only time I bother to actually chop now is when I'm preparing herbs to look pretty as a garnish. 
Fatwood: We burn a lot of wood fires all winter. In fact, I may need to do another ladie's fire building tutorial on Stories now that I can create it as a highlight reel. Fatwood is key to getting a good fire going. Speaking of fires, not Amazon Prime, but this log carrier is one of Bryce's favorite Christmas gifts I've given him, and comes with free 2-day shipping if you order by December 20!
Cordless Vacuum: One of my favorite bloggers is Megan of Holy City Chic. She raves about this vacuum for clean up in between deep vacuuming; and swears it's far better than its Dyson counterpart which is much more pricey. It also has a handheld detachable vacuum. When my parents were asking for gift ideas for Bryce, I was tempted to tell them he really wanted this, haha! I think I may buy it with some Christmas money.
Pasta Measuring Fork: I have a very similar pasta fork, which try as I might I couldn't find online anywhere! What I love about it is that the holes are used for measuring spaghetti servings. I never know how much to cook, so it's very useful. This little tool also does the same job.
Handbag Organizer: I ordered this when my Goyard arrived this fall and absolutely love it. It's the perfect size for any large tote bag, and keeps me so organized while also protecting the liner of my bag from stains. You can see how it fits inside my Goyard GM here (similar size to LV Neverful MM or Longchamp Large Les Pliages), and what I love about the size is that there's still room in my bag for a laptop, book, gym clothes, etc around the organizer.
Room Freshener: I love to spray this on our mattress and pillows when changing the sheets. It would be great to spray on linens in a guest room, as well, to make a room that doesn't get used so often smell fresh.
Moleskin Notebook: Day to day at work, I tend to use small notepads and legal pads, but always have a Moleskin handy for when I'm going to a Board meeting or donor meeting where I want to come across as a little more professional. Love the blue color!
Mini Steamer: This is another top pick from our wedding registry! I don't iron. The 2-3 times a year I need something ironed, I have Bryce do it. This gets me through the rest of the year and is the perfect size for travel. It heats up in a flash, and also helps me to extend wear of items between dry cleans.
Hanky Panky Set: It doesn't get much more practical than underwear for Christmas and Hanky Pankys have been my very favorite undies for years. Love this colors in this "Something Blue" trio.
Greek Key Doormat: I always use a coir doormat- they're durable and stylish. This Greek key style is a classic that will match just about any decor. 
Boxer Briefs: Those who follow along on Instastories have heard all the hype about these boxer briefs. In fact they're the ONLY thing Bryce asked for this year! Would be perfectly practical for the hard to shop for man.
Table Topics: My mother-in-law has these and they're so fun for dinner parties or just family get togethers to energize the conversation. I might even order them for Bryce and I...sometimes we'll take turns asking each other random questions and this would probably make it easier and more interesting.

How is your Christmas shopping coming along?

Are you a fan of practical gifts? 

Will you take advantage of Amazon Prime this holiday season?

Have a great day!