Holiday House Tour

TGIF friends!

This is my last day at work before Winter Break.

I actually checked the last item off my to do list yesterday afternoon, so should have a low key day of housekeeping in the office.

I'm excited to share a holiday house tour with you today.

I find myself decorating less every year. I focus on the quality over quantity and give the most attention to our living and dining room which makes the most impact.

So without futher adieu, come on in!

I've made ornament wreaths year after year (DIY here), but they always inevitably end breaking before the next Christmas, so this year I used this store bought version I bought my first year of college to decorate my dorm room!

Once inside, we'll start with the living room which is the first room you enter through the front door.

We've moved our tree around quite a bit over the years and put it int his spot for the first time last year and it's a winner! It's in a focal spot being right next to the fireplace and stockings, but is tucked away enough that it doesn't feel overly intrusive.

I frequently get asked the source of our stockings, and they are from Mark & Graham. They don't appear online anymore, but I'm guessing they're just out of stock. They do have them year after year, though! The mirror (c/o) can be found here and trumpet vases here.

This zebra pillow remains a favorite year after year and I love him so much I usually keep him out through January! I'm also late to the party, but discovered the goodness of Nest "Holiday" this year!

This nook is so cozy! I bought the little "Merry Christmas Y'all" pillow our first Christmas dating and it makes me smile every time I see it! All those beautiful Christmas cards of family and friends make me smile, too!

This vignette sadly isn't quite what I'd like it to be. Paper whites are planted in the cachepot but have yet to bloom! I planted them in a clear vase last year and had great luck. Tried the blue and white this year and while they've sprouted a bit, I'm worried they're not going to fully bloom. So just picture this image with beautiful paper whites!

Next up is the dining room, which I brightened up this year with a pretty pink poinsettia! I think it suits the new dining room decor!

This reindeer that was a Michael's find continues to be a favorite year after year.

I couldn't resist adding a little holiday cheer to the bar. Santa looks ready to tie one on!

There are a few Christmas touches throughout other rooms, I'll share, but as mentioned I make things more and more simple every year!

This wooden tree was a fun find at the VMFA after Christmas a couple years ago. My favorite part is that it comes apart into two pieces that lay flat for storage!

 How adorable is this black lab pillow my mom got us this year? I cut the tag off and try as I might have not been able to track him down online!

And last but not least, our kitchen got some holiday cheer!

What's your Christmas decorating style? All out or simple? 

Traditional or funky?

Have a great weekend!