RIP Weekend

Happy Leap Day, readers!

Don't mind me...I'm just over here mourning the weekend.

I don't always do weekend recaps, but this was an exceptionally good one...so good that I never got around to writing a blog post for today. This morning when I was getting ready to leave Bryce seemed a little bummed. When I asked what was wrong he answered "I don't want it to already be a new week." I couldn't have said it better myself.

My love language is quality time and Bryce gave me a lot of that weekend. It was so nice.

My other love language might be food, and much of our weekend revolved around that, too. Let's just say we threw the diet out the window. It was so nice.

Friday night we headed over to our good friends, Emily and Frank's house. We've started a monthly dinner tradition with them and alternate who hosts. Emily asked me to contribute an appetizer and I made baked pimiento cheese. It was ooey gooey greasy goodness. I'm working on developing an actual recipe for it to share with you. This time it was kinda just trial and error.

We had lots of laughs and good food with good company. We made it home around 11. We're getting old.

Saturday morning Bryce went to an annual shooting match that he and his dad compete in together every year (and placed 2nd, if I'm going to brag on him a bit). I used that time to go to barre and get some things done around the house. I still hadn't put all our Valentine's decorations away and had a mountain of laundry calling my name. When he got home we relaxed for a bit and watched a movie. That night we didn't really feel like cooking, but we also didn't feel like a fancy night out. We decided to head to Ardent, a local craft brewery, for a beer and after that somewhat of a progressive style dinner ensued. (See my recap of another night we did this, here).

I'm not much of a beer drinker, but Ardent does have a Sweet Potato Sage beer that I really enjoy.

Next we went to a favorite restaurant right around the corner, Fat Dragon

We continued the casual vibe by sitting at the bar. We ordered their chili dumplings and chicken wings as appetizers and then split the basil beef entree. The bartender convinced us to try the dry rub szechuan pepper wings, which we hadn't had before, and they were so good. We now can't decide which style we like better.

Finally, we headed to a new restaurant (by the same owners as Fat Dragon) just down the street called Boulevard Burgers and Brew. I had been dying to try one of their boozy milkshakes and then couldn't resist ordering fries too. Fries dipped in the shake...yesss!!

Yesterday we slept in and headed to brunch at Family Meal. We had only eaten dinner there once before and decided to see how their brunch was. It was delicious. The weather was also absolutely beautiful! Temperatures nearly reached 70 and it was the first time in a while that my legs have seen the light of day!

After brunch we changed into workout clothes and made our way to the backyard. It was just so pretty that I couldn't resist being outside. I started working on this DIY Tumbler project that I first mentioned n this post.

Yes, that is Bryce raking in the background. I promise I helped him after filling my tumbler!

The craftiness continued when I headed to a Red Shoe Crew meeting right around the corner at 4:00. It was in the most beautiful home, if you can't tell! We worked on projects for the Red Shoe BBQ in April. If you're a local reader, be sure to get your ticket here!

After my meeting we headed to Bryce's stepbrother's house to enjoy some cocktails in the nice weather. Bryce's stepbrother is getting married in August so I had lots of fun talking all things wedding with his fiance. Drinks turned into dinner and we were out way past my bedtime...on a weeknight! I'm feeling it today!

It was certainly a Sunday Funday!

What did y'all do this weekend?

Is the weather warming up where you are?

Have a great day!


  1. Yep, I would mourn the loss of that weekend too!!! And loving the tumbler! So fun

  2. Oh my lands, this post has me drooling all over my desk! I want to relive your weekend for you! So much fun and so much good food!

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend! The weather was amazing. Now that it's March I am looking forward to more spring weather. Although I heard it may snow on Friday?!?!

  4. I am just dying for all your weekend food!! That pimiento cheese sounds heavenly, and Boulevard Burgers and Brew is now definitely on my list next time I'm in VA!!

  5. What a great weekend! I feel yesterday's weather just made everyone so happy. Your post makes me hungry; what great places you went to!

  6. I hate waking up on Monday more exhausted than I was Friday, but that's usually a sign of a great weekend. Glad you had one too!
    xoxo, www.piperellice.com

  7. Sounds like an amazing weekend! That boozy milkshake AND the pimento dip. What do you dip in it? I would just eat it with a spoon.

  8. What an awesome weekend!!! I'm so sad we still haven't tried Fat Dragon between living in RVA and visiting. So glad you made it to Boulevard too after our failed attempt :). Bring on more good weather pahhhlease!!!

    Erin, Attention To Darling Blog

  9. What a perfect weekend! Pretty sure that baked pimento cheese dip would be my husbands love language, ha! And 11pm is totally late for us now, too - funny how things change, right?!

  10. omggg i think fries + burgers are my love language. and ice cream. im jealous of all that amazing food. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  11. Seriously! What a perfect weekend! Quality time and food are my love languages, too! Can't wait for the baked pimiento cheese! xo, Champagne&Suburbs

  12. Sounds like a great weekend! I was definitely loving the warm weather! You definitely have to share a recipe for the baked pimento cheese! xo Sarah Belle in the City

  13. Food really does need to be one of the love languages.

  14. I just love weekends like that they leave your feeling so fulfilled and happy. Food, good company, and crafts sounds like my perfect weekend! That spiked shake....looks incredible.

  15. That pimento cheese dip looks like perfection and I'm absolutely loving the sequin tumbler - too cute!


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