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Happy Friday readers!

Have any fun plans for the weekend?

Tomorrow I am headed to a wedding dress fitting for my cousin. I'm excited to see the dress and get together with all the other bridesmaids before her bachelorette party next month. The rest of the weekend I'm hoping to just relax and get things done around the house.

Today I'm linking up with the lovely Five on Friday ladies.

Valentine Making Party Prep

You may remember from 2 years ago, that I threw a Valentine Making Party for my girlfriends (full recap here). It was such a fun event and I had hoped to make it an annual thing. Last year I was so overwhelmed with school that I dropped the ball on the party, so I am excited to bring it back this year. Yesterday I grabbed the adorable balloon "BE MINE" banner below (first spotted on Andrea's blog) and plan to hang it in front of the dining room behind the table where all the craft supplies will be set up. They don't seem to sell them online, but mine was found in the dollar section. I also love this XOXO version. This weekend I'm hoping to get the house cleaned and all my crafting supplies prepped for next Friday's party. I also hope to finalize my menu plans for the evening!

Boyfriend Jeans

I haven't bought a new pair of jeans in a while, largely, because I haven't needed a new pair. Since starting my new job, however, I find myself wearing heels more often for both work and play. I really love the look of slouchy boyfriend jeans with fancy heels, and have been on the hunt for a good pair since this fall. I was really excited to order the Rag & Bone pair (farthest to the left above) on major sale on Black Friday. When they arrived, I loved the fit, but the whiskering at the thighs wasn't the most flattering on me, so I returned them. Does anyone have a recommendation? I'm not the biggest fan of rips or tears, which limits my search a bit. 

Those that follow along on Instagram may have already heard about Bootay Bag, but I wanted to be sure to share it here! There's nothing like a new pair of undies to put a little pep in your step, so I was excited when Bootay Bag reached out to me requesting a collaboration. For just $12 a month, Bootay Bag will send you 2 fun pairs of panties! I received my complimentary bag on Wednesday and it certainly brightened a dreary, rainy day! The packaging you can see above was very cute and inside were two pretty pairs of lace boy shorts! You can select your panty preferences (Mix It Up, Only Thongs, or Never Thongs) and shipping is always free! I think all the subscription sites available now are a fun way to shop!

The BFG...the movie!

Anyone else here a huge Roald Dahl fan? I fondly remember my 2nd grade teacher reading The BFG to my class, she had a big comfy chair and lamp and would turn out the overhead lights for a cozy reading time each day after lunch. Throughout the rest of elementary school, I re-read the book a few times, and even dressed up as Sophie for a book report in 4th grade. If you can't tell, it was one of my absolute favorites and I am really excited that it will be coming to theaters in movie form this summer! I think I'm going to have to find my worn copy and re-read as an adult!


Y'all know I love a good eCard! Now that I've completed my barre challenge (Woot! Woot!) of 20 classes in 30 days, I want to start adding in some cardio workouts 1-2 times per week in addition to barre. I really want to get back into cycle classes (see one of my first ever blog posts Cycle 101 here), but don't know if I can justify paying for both barre classes and even more expensive cycle classes. The other option, seems to be running...which I've never really been a big fan of. Any running tips? Or at home cardio workouts I should check out?

Have a great weekend!



  1. Allie -- we have Classpass in DC which allows you to pay a monthly fee and you can go to a ton of fitness studios they partner with (up to 3 classes per studio). I know barre and cycle are so expensive (I love them too), so I'm trying Classpass so I can still get my fix, but at a more affordable rate! Check and see if y'all have it, if you do, I can email you a code to get $20 off your first month.

    Also-- if you're near Richmond, definitely try Boho Cycle. My friend Dorothy teaches cycle there and she is amazing! I think they have a discount code for first time visitors too!

  2. A valentine making party - how fun is that! Such a great idea! I'm obsessed with the Target balloons - I have the xoxo one for next week and am still hoping to find the Be Mine. Enjoy the weekend! xx

  3. Amazing job on your barre challenge! I've been running more lately but I really miss spin classes - but they just get so expensive!

  4. The BFG will be a movie!?!?! I remember my teacher reading it to our class and then I read it to my class and my nephews. I LOVE that book.

  5. Everyone needs at least one great pair of jeans they feel comfy in! A girlfriends V day party sounds fun

  6. That running ecard read my mind! Unfortunately. I've been awful about exercise this winter but I'm promising myself I'll get better once it warms up!

  7. I love the idea of a card party! I am so excited for the BFG!! I have been doing some Barre3 DVDs for my barre fix and then my regular gym is where I do cycle/cardio. Jess at Just Jess

  8. Your valentine's day party looks so cute!!! BFG was one of my favorite books!

  9. Love all of the vday party stuff!!! Loving your blog...



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