And the Winner Is....

TGIF friends!

It is beach time!  I leave early tomorrow morning so today I am tying up any last loose ends in preparation for vacation!

Today I wanted to share the winner of my Jayes Studio & Malabar Bay Giveaway...

The lucky girl who won is Kelsea from Go With All Your Heart!

Thanks to all who entered and even if you didn't win, today is still your lucky day!

Sweet Amanda, my contact from JS & MB, is offering all Sundresses and Smiles readers, just enter the code SMILE20 at checkout!

I might be scooping some things up myself.

Check out this cute stuff....

On sale for $39.00 + 20% OFF!

$39.00 + 20% OFF!

$24.00 + 20% OFF!

On sale for $89.00 + 20% OFF!

$39.00 + 20% OFF!

$39.00 + 20% OFF!

You like what you see?  

I sure do!

Head on over to Jayes Studio or Malabar Bay and treat yourself to a little something special for Friday!  Don't forget to use the code SMILE20 to get 20% off all orders!

Have a great weekend...I'm beach bound!