Ringing in the New Year!

Happy Tuesday readers!

How were your New Years?

Mine was so much fun--two of Bryce's hunting buddies that he's grown up with have an annual New Year's party at their family's home on the James River in Charles City, Virginia.

We arrived Saturday afternoon and started our day with some shooting on the dock!

Ear Protection is always key!

absolutely gorgeous!

Bryce ready for action!

I'm a horrible shot, but I think it is so fun!

I love these I captured from a floating dock below--the lighting makes a really cool silhouette, don'tcha think?

I love this picture!

After shooting lots of rounds, the group headed up to the house to begin preparations for dinner! 

The sunset was gorgeous and so, of course, I snapped some more pictures as we all got ready and munched on appetizers.

It was a feast--we had venison and duck that all the guys had hunted as well as bacon-wrapped dates, smoked salmon, wild rice, mashed potatoes, and kale salad.  The table was also set gorgeously!

Once the meal was ready, the rule for seating was that everyone had to sit boy-girl, boy-girl and could not sit next to their significant other (the group was mostly couples).  I really liked this rule, because it allowed for me to get to know some of the different people in the group.  Bryce snapped some pics from his end of the table!

aerial view of the table

After dinner we enjoyed a plethora of desserts and some Catch Phrase!  A s'more station was also set-up by the fire!

We danced in the New Year and had a group-wide countdown!

Shortly after the stroke of midnight, we snapped this picture!
I originally was going to wear a sequined cocktail dress, but because I wasn't sure how formal the occasion was, I went with this dress that could be dressed up or down and was happy with my choice!

We ended the night with some fireworks and sparklers!

It was a fabulous New Year's, but I'm also realizing my nights of partying into the early morning hours are coming to an end--I think Bryce and I went to bed sometime around 1 am!

How was New Year's?  What did you do to celebrate?