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Happy Friday chickadees!  Any fun weekend plans?  I have some plans with friends and family, but overall it should be a low-key, relaxing weekend!

Wowee, can you believe I'm posting TWICE in one week?  Funny to think I used to post 5 days a week up until the last few months!

Today I'm going to share a recent trip to one of my FAVORITE Richmond shops.  One of my best friends, CEG, is spending a few months in Richmond before leaving to teach in Korea for a year and she asked if we could spend a day going around to a lot of the cute Richmond shops that I like.  We spent the day Monday perusing a few of my favorites and our first stop was The Shops at 5807.

Located at 5807 Patterson Avenue, the shop has a charming, eclectic storefront:

I just love the flowers adorning the brick!

The large space brings together more than 20 individually owned boutiques under one roof.  You walk in and are surrounded by many different little shops all with their own unique personality.  This mix of merchandise and style makes it the best place to find gifts.

When you first enter the store you are greeted by Van der Wolks, one of my personal favorites inside.  They sell unique home accessories and other small trinkets.

They always carry these Roberta Roller Rabbit kurtas in a variety of prints and sizes!

Candles, Ice Boxes, Picture Frames, and More!

Y'all know about my love affair with bamboo and I bought my bamboo wine rack from this very spot (see post here)!

Another favorite that has been in the shop since it first opened is Wee Whimsey Three that features darling gifts and accessories for babies and kids.

Just looking at this picture filled with bright colors brings a smile to my face!

I adore this precious frog backpack!

Such cute displays!

One of the boutiques (not sure which one) in the store carries the most fabulous silver dishes and accessories!

I'll take one of...EVERYTHING, please and thanks!

I also loved all these funny and inspiring signs in another section of the store!

CEG and I got a huge kick out of these shotgun shell dip mixes!  Inside is a mix of spices with directions to mix and create delicious dips for crackers and chips in the Man-o-Man section!  Bryce would LOVE these!

As we made our way around the store, the last section we checked out was another of my favorites:  Gather.

I could achieve some serious R&R in these snuggly pajamas!

You know you're in good company when you see the True Prep book!
I always lust after these gorgeous and fragrant soaps when I'm in the shop!

Our last stop in the store was a quick swing on this Sleep-N-Swing!  You can order these custom swings and I definitely want one in my future dream home, hehe!

Wouldn't you want one of these?

I hope you enjoyed this peek into 5807!  Pictures and my overview couldn't even do the shop justice--it is simply fabulous!  If you are ever in Richmond, this is a sure spot to stop!

Have a great weekend!


  1. This store looks like so much fun to shop in!!! i wish I was closer!!

  2. I love small, specialty stores, and these are so cute!! I definitely want a porch swing on my house when I'm older. Have a great weekend!

  3. love all these shops!I love small boutiques-they always have the best finds!

  4. Can I please have everything from the silver shop also? My husband bought my engagement ring in Richmond and when we drove down to pick out wedding bands we stopped into a few shops-they have great little gems! Happy Friday!

  5. This store looks adorable and right up my alley! I want to come visit Richmond just so I can shop!

  6. What a fun store! I think I would love this shop! How neat to have such variety in one place!

  7. looks like an adorable collection of shops!!!

  8. I love that swing! Next time I come down to VA, I definitely want to go to that store!

  9. I know I would go crazy over a place like this, especially that first little shop. It looks right up my alley! Umm, yes, I think I could use one of those swings as well!

  10. I past by this shop on my way into Richmond while visiting my Grandma in the West End (its right by her house!) and thought it was so cute. I will have to check it out next time I go!

  11. I love the Shops at 5807! I picked up some gifts there right before Christmas and my boyfriend discovered the shotgun shell dip mixes and bought some for his dad. They are so funny!

  12. I would love to go there.. looks like I could spend way too much time browsing all the fun stuff. The home stuff in the first few pics are my favorites!

  13. Neat shop! I lived in Richmond for a year and never knew about this gem!!
    It's my first time reading your blog, but I can't wait to read more, yay! Here's to finding blogs that make you smile.

  14. You've been tagged!!

    xoxo hHk

  15. Love this store!!! It's on my mom and my shopping day circuit. Other local faves?

  16. Ummm I want to shop there!! So many amazing things!


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