Happy Friday chickadees and...Happy May!

I am beyond pleased that May is finally here. The end of the school year is in sight and (just 6 more weeks to go) and summer can't come soon enough!

I hit a low in blogging during April, only posting 4 times. I have constantly been inspired to post and have a growing list of ideas, but honestly, I just haven't had it in me.

Allergies are majorly kicking my butt this spring, and because of them, I can't remember the last time I had a good night's sleep. I feel like I've been living life in an exhausted fog.

Additionally, as the school year comes closer to an end, big life decisions are weighing heavily on me. I've shared my teaching frustrations on the blog and after 3 years, I'm leaning more and more toward a career switch each day. I have a passion for kids and teaching, however, that passion is squashed by the state of education and teaching as a profession today (at least where I am). Last year, I was questioning things big time, but still felt a strong pull to teaching. These days, all of my gripes about teaching seem to overshadow that pull. I'm at a point where the thought of exploring new (and totally different) options is exciting, but also really scary. Stay tuned...

All that being said, I've been physically and emotionally exhausted. When I've made it home these last several weeks, I've just wanted to unplug and zone out. I'm hoping, however, that May, and all its springtime glory, will reenergize me and help me to find my blogging groove again.

Thanks for sticking by me and still reading despite my absence.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I can totally relate to your teaching woes! Especially this year I feel. It has been nuts. What school district do you work in?
    I hope this weekend gives you a chance to fully recharge!

  2. Sounds like you've had a ton going on! Hopefully, as the school year wraps up, you'll get some time to relax!

  3. I hear you! You are one of my favorite reads! As a former teacher i can identify with what you mean- and hear similar opinions from teacher friends. One more month!!

  4. Good luck with your big decisions!! You know I think event planning is your calling ;) Best wishes!! XO

  5. I know several other people in that same boat after teaching for a few years. It absolutely takes a special type of person to make a career out of teaching and there's definitely nothing wrong exploring other options. Good luck with everything!!


  6. I went to school for early childhood education and taught 2nd grade for a few years after I graduated, but then I made a career switch to finance and I'n currently a stock broker. I never thought I wouldn't be a teacher and I never even took a finance class, but the switch is definitely easier than you think. For me I wanted to make sure I wasn't teaching for 15 years angry and burnt out, but never made the switch bc I was too scared. I still have all my liscences and I feel in my heart I will teach again, but I do not regret teaching or switching from teaching. If you ever wanted to talk to someone about it, feel free! My email is kelsey

  7. I hope everything gets better for you and the decision to potentially make a career change becomes easier! Xo, Stephanie

  8. Welcome back! I hope this month is a lot easier on you and everything goes smoothly!

  9. Good luck with everything! It will be nice to have some down time this summer to really reflect on a career change. One of my best girlfriends from high school just switched from Gov Consulting to Event Planning!!! We are totally still able to do that at any age :) xoxo



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