Valentine's Day Meal Planning

Happy Monday readers!

Good weekend?

Another lazy one over here! Bryce went out of town for part of the weekend and I spent most of that time curled up with a book. I have become quite the weekend bookworm and am loving it.

Today I bring you what was meant to be Friday's post. As you know, Bryce and I always spend Valentine's Day at home. We try to put extra care into a homemade meal and just enjoy time together.

As I consider a menu, I can share one thing...I will likely be making alfredo. It's Bryce's favorite thing that I make, so whatever we eat will ultimately have to complement angel hair alfredo (no fettucine for my man...).

That being said, I am hoping we can be a bit more creative when it comes to appetizers or the rest of the entree. I am scheming to come up with a prosciutto & fennel appetizer! Our favorite Richmond restaurant, Edo's Squid has an amazing braised fennel appetizer that Bryce has come close to recreating. I have recently thinking that prosiutto would complement it well and am trying to come up with a recipe, stay tuned...

Aside from that, here is what's catching my eye...

I'm wondering if I could tweak this to work with my alfredo sauce.

Baked Brie is one of my faves, along with Kahlua, so this has me thinking I could make a Valentine's meal out of cheese and wine alone...

Scallops just might be my all time favorite food and we both love, love, love pesto!
I am drooling.

This has me thinking I might need to tell Bryce to forget the alfredo...

I'm thinking these could double as an appetizer or the main dish beside some alfredo!

And now...you can't think I forgot about dessert!

I've been considering one of my go-tos, this delicious chocolate chess pie!

But any of these recipes are also sure to please...

With a large scoop of vanilla ice cream, of course!

We both go gaga for yummy lemon desserts!

Pondering how I could adjust this recipe to serve just two...

This looks melt in your mouth good!

What's your Valentine's Day style? 

Eat in or out?

If eating in, have you decided on your menu yet?

Have a great day!


  1. yum! All these have me drooling. I love staying in for Valentine's Day as well and we'll probably be doing that this year!

  2. That chess pie looks wonderful! I am thinking this will make it to our Valentine's table :)

  3. I love those desserts! They look perfect! We are heading to the Melting Pot this year, but I typically stay in previous years! We like to switch it up :)

  4. oh my, these all look so good and are giving me great ideas! i think i may have married the one person in the world who does not like alfredo. :/

  5. My guy and I are eating in, cooking a special meal together after we get the kiddos into bed. I'm going to the chicken maribella Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers posted a couple weeks back. Haven't decided on dessert yet, might be from the bakery ha ha!

  6. OMG - that hot fudge pudding cake!! DROOLING!

  7. My Husband and I always stay in on Valentines Day and cook together too. So much better than dealing with the V-day crowds. This year we are making mussels with two sauces and filet, but I love your idea about doing oysters!

  8. I should not have read this at 11 o'clock at night…… I want to sneak down to the fridge and eat everything in sight and then be disappointed it isn't any of the foods pictured above! YUM!


  9. We always always go for baked brie! It's our go to app, and now we've started making grilled cheese with it (and apples) for meals. You dinner looked delicious on instagram!


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