V-Day Reminiscing...

Happy Hump Day readers!

I feel like a broken record, but school has just been a lot lately. I didn't get home last night until nearly 6:00 and then did more work until 8:30 pm. This constant devotion to school and countless meetings has been going on for weeks now and it's taken its toll.

It has even caused me to be quite the Valentine's Day slacker this year! I've pulled out no decorations, aside from just throwing our heart wreath on the door this past weekend and haven't done anything creative for Bryce in these weeks leading up to heart day.

It has me majorly reminiscing to Valentine's Days of the past where I had the energy and time to do more...

Let's reminisce a bit!

Last year I hosted a Valentine's Making Party (full post here) with all my girlfriends. It was so fun and I had hoped to make it an annual tradition. Maybe I can bring it back next year...

I also decked the house out and was so happy by the pink/red/heart explosion throughout the house (full post here)! 

For Bryce, I did 14 days of memories, adding a new memory on a heart to our sunburst mirror each day in February...

Two years ago I was sick, but still managed to make Bryce a pretty fancy valentine and also surprised him with a camping night in that weekend, complete with fireside s'mores...

And on our very first Valentine's Day together, I was really crafty and made "52 Things I Love About You" with a deck of cards (full post here).

This year, I have a semi-creative gift for Bryce on order and am sure I will pull out some of the decorations to set a pretty table Saturday night, but, as I've said before-- it's the year of doing my thing!

What have you done for Valentine's Days past?

Any creative plans up your sleeve for this year?

Have a great day!


  1. I loved the camping night in idea. Since everyone goes out for dinner constantly in NYC, I think it's so much more romantic to stay in!

  2. Oh my, I feel ya' sister. I just remembered TODAY that it's on Saturday. I used to be so good about doing such fun, pinterest-y things. This year, I'll be lucky to get some treats together and make some cupcakes (from a box). And that's for the kids. I haven't done a darn thing for my husband!

  3. Aww I'm sorry school has been so demanding lately. I hope you are able to really enjoy your wknd with. Bryce! Side note.. I loved the hearts on the mirror!

  4. You have such great ideas! Can't wait to see what you guys do this year. I'm taking the kids to a playdate so my husband can take a nap. That's about the most romantic thing I can think of at this time of our lives! :) Hahaha.

  5. Love all these especially the valentine making with girlfriends :)

  6. I still remember your camping night in and thought that was so adorable. Can't wait to see what you come up with. We are lazy this year and will probably just stay in. Lame, huh?!

  7. I haven't done anything creative this year, because work and life has just been busy. I love Valentine's Day, though! The projects you've done in the past are so cute, but what really matters most is that the two of you are together. :) Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day!

  8. I remember you going alll out last year!! That was seriously impressive (and not quite human :) ). I hope you had a great Valentine's this year!

  9. How adorable are you? Turning the living room into a campground? Adorable! I totally understand about school taking a toll. I hope you are taking care of yourself mentally. It's way more important than any meeting. xoxo

  10. I, too, have been wildly busy with school lately! I did cards for everyday of Valentine's week, but did not do anything as creative or thoughtful as I'd like.


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