Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Happy Monday readers!

I can't believe that Thanksgiving week is here!

That means Christmas is right around the corner and I've already started my holiday shopping.

Today I bring you the last of my Holiday Gift Guides: Stocking Stuffers!

Stocking stuffers are always one of my favorite things to shop for. Everything is a little cuter in miniature size and I like to use the stocking as a place for an unexpected or silly gift.

Below you will find 4 guides for stocking stuffers:

So there you have it!

Do you fill stockings with gifts, candy, or a mix of both?

I also am excited to say, I now have all of my Holiday Gift Guide Pinterest Boards set up. I have spent hours searching the internet for fabulous presents and have put together 3 virtual catalogues for you to browse. I will continue to add to them throughout the holiday season, so be sure to follow on Pinterest too:
Holiday Gift Guide: Ladies Board
Holiday Gift Guide: Gents Board
Holiday Gift Guide: Kids Board

The kids board has been by far my favorite to put together, so I am feeling envious of all my readers that have kiddos to shop for this year!

Finally, be sure to check out my other two Holiday Gift Guide posts if you've missed them:
Holiday Gift Guide: Ladies
Holiday Gift Guide: Gents

Have you started holiday shopping?

Have a great day!


  1. I've never seen that sricha to go but have to add that to my husband's stocking!! Abby's getting that elephant Bla bla and ginny just have to figure out which one to ask Santa for. They're the best dolls!! As always, you have such cute ideas here!

  2. the keychain sriracha is so cute!! might need to get that for the bf :)


  3. So cute! I love the picks for the boys and girls too. These are all such great guides!

  4. I love your gift guides. Love them. The little girl stocking stuffer is great.

  5. Love love love! The tassel keychain is so cute, and I adore both of the guides for the kiddos! Thanks for sharing!


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