Black Friday Roundup + 26

Happy BLACK Friday friends and Happy 26th Birthday to me!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday.

First things first....are y'all shopping today!? I have never gone out to brave the crowds. I mean, really, why would you when everything is online these days?  Today I am so excited to share my favorite round up of Black Friday sales and picks! Happy Shopping!

  • Anthopologie is offering 25% off sitewide with code HOLIDAY25
  • Banana Republic is offering 50% off 1 item with code BRFIFTY and 40% off sitewide with code BRFORTY
  • Baublebar is offering 15% off 2 items with code FRIDAY15 or 35% off 4+ items with code FRIDAY35
  • Boden is offering 30% off sitewide + free shipping and returns
  • Brooks Brothers is offering 15% off + free shipping
  • C. Wonder is offering 40% off sitewide
  • Design Darling is offering 20% off with code MANYTHANKS
  • Gap is offering 50% off sitewide with code BLKFRIDAY
  • J. Crew is offering 30% off several items and 40% off sale with code HOLIDAY
  • Kendra Scott is offering 15% off sitewide and free shipping with code BFCM2014
  • Lilly Pulitzer is offering free gifts with all purchases
  • Nordstrom has up to 40% off several items
  • Piperlime is offering 25% off sitewide + a chance to win a trip for 2 to NYC Fashion Week with code IHEARTNYC
  • Shopbop is offering up to 25% off with code GOBIG14
  • Tory Burch is offering up to 30% off with code LUCKY
  • Zhush is offering 25% off with code BFRIDAY25

And now, for the rest of today's post and my birthday, I thought it might be fun to share 26 random facts about myself with y'all. This list has no rhyme or reason, literally it's just an assortment of facts (and several quirks) that popped into my head!
  1. I'm a lefty, but I play sports right handed.
  2. I have 0 musical talent...I can't sing, play instruments, or dance well.
  3. I love shopping. Hold on, I know y'all are all thinking..."Duh, we knew that!" But I really love it. I enjoy shopping for just about anything and to this day, my dad and I enjoy going to the hardware store together.
  4. I have always used mnemonic devices to remember things. For example, my makeup bag, has two pouches and I could never keep up with which side to open first. Eventually after close inspection, I realized that the side I use first has green on it and the other doesn't, so I came up with "Green means go" and literally think that every time I do my make up now.
  5. Halloween and Christmas are my favorite holidays, but I always feel like the actual day of holidays is a let down; I prefer the anticipation and preparation leading up to holidays.
  6. Green beans are my least favorite vegetable and as a kid I would swallow them whole to avoid having to fully taste them.
  7. I am 1/8 Pueblo Indian and my grandpa actually grew up on the reservation in New Mexico.
  8. I have a bad habit of talking very loud at times. My dad is really loud, so I blame him.
  9. I am a total SUV girl. I have only ever driven SUVs and feel a bit claustrophobic in cars.
  10. I have major wanderlust for Nashville. In high school, Vanderbilt was my first choice for college and I think I may have accepted my Teach for America offer had I been placed in Nashville rather than Memphis.
  11. I have a horrible time picking favorites. I like too may different things to pick just one favorite.
  12. I never buy Tory Burch full price. She has good sales every few months, so I usually wait for a sale to order what I want. Every now and then I miss out on something I've been really wanting, but usually waiting pays off.
  13. I'm a numbers person and constantly find patterns or relationships in numbers around me.
  14. I drink chocolate milk almost daily and always keep chocolate syrup in the fridge so I can make it.
  15. My biggest fear is someday not being able to have kids. I have no reason to be scared about this, other than the fact that I want kids above all else.
  16. I feel naked when I'm not wearing earrings.
  17. Fall is my favorite season, but summer is my favorite time of year.
  18. One of my favorite joys is getting into a freshly made bed. If I ever had a full-time maid (ha!), I would have her put fresh sheets on the bed daily.
  19. I can be painfully shy at times, but love public speaking.
  20. Growing up I always wanted to be a teacher and transformed my playroom into a classroom.
  21. I'm only 5'3, but I rarely wear heels...probably less than 5 times a year.
  22. I think little boys are way more fun than little girls, but I must someday have a little girl so I can put giant bows in her hair!
  23. I love, love, love pasta and Bryce jokes that I'm never allowed to go to Italy for fear that I wouldn't come home.
  24. I can be a little OCD, for example, I only like to use black pens and don't like to use different pens in notebooks, calendars, lists, etc because it looks messy.
  25. I can be a huge homebody and love days spent on the couch in my pajamas.
  26. Ever since traveling to Charleston, I've imagined living there. Bryce and I regularly talk about when we're going to make the move, partially joking and partially serious.
Have a great day!