Fall Favorites

Happy Hump Day readers!

Did you see Monday's WEAR: NOW AND LATER post?  Turns out it was experiencing some technical difficulties, and only showing my collages with no text or photographs.  After lots of playing around last night, I was able to resolve the issue.  This was a really fun post to put together so be sure to check it out now, in its entirety!

With the start of fall just one week away, I thought it was the perfect time to share some current fall faves!  The weather is starting to cool down here and I am ready!

If you've been reading a while, you know boots are a fashion staple of mine.  I just ordered this over-the-knee pair and am giddy for their arrival tomorrow!

Broke out my Fryes for the first time yesterday and it felt so good!


I'd venture to say that fall leaves are even prettier than spring blooms.

And for teacher friends, my favorite leaf activity is reader's theater with the following poem: 

"Dancing Leaves"
Red leaves and yellow leaves,
Orange leaves and brown,
Leaves are dancing everywhere,
Happily dancing down!

We make leaf puppets in each color and the students record themselves acting out the poem on iPads!

Pumpkins on the mantle.
Last year I spray painted pumpkins gold for the mantle, might have to try polka dots this year!

Pumpkins in my belly.
I love pumpkin lasagna and can't wait to try this recipe!

And pumpkins at a party!
Read about the pumpkin carving party I hosted last year here.


Sorry, y'all, I just couldn't resist!

I really want to order a bunch of these and throw a Halloween bash!


I am thankful for eCards!

Gobble, gobble!

My Birthday
('cause that's a holiday, right!?)
The big 2-6 is right around the corner!

Are you excited about fall?

What are your fall favorites?

Have a great day!