Sur La Table Italian Summer Romance

Happy Tuesday chickies!

I have felt so detached from the blog world these last few weeks.  Any of my teacher readers can relate. The last few weeks are always the busiest.  It has been tough even finding the time to write my posts, much less read all of yours; that should all change come Friday, however!

Today I wanted to share a date night that Bryce and I had this past weekend.  We had talked about taking a cooking class at Sur La Table and I finally decided to just bite the bullet and sign us up for one.

I thought it would be fun to make it a surprise for Bryce so he had no clue where we were going.  In fact, he thought I was taking him to dinner and a movie at Cinebistro, which just so happens to be at the same mall as Sur La Table.  It worked out perfectly, because I even parked by Cinebistro initially to trick him more.  Once I pulled around to Sur La Table, however, he quickly figured it out.

The theme for the dinner was "Italian Summer Romance" which was right up our alley!

The menu consisted of: seared scallops with roasted tomatoes and prosciutto, pork medallions with artichoke and olive caponata, roasted cauliflower with a lemon garlic vinaigrette, and finally chocolate gelato with balsamic strawberries for dessert!

Our chef Brian was a character and had us laughing the whole time!

"Hulling" the strawberries (aka, removing the stems).

Vinaigrette Ingredients

Bryce cooked our table's scallops perfectly! We learned the trick to great scallops is to allow them to reach room temperature before cooking!

Delicious would be an understatement...these scallops (as well as the rest of the meal) were AMAZING!

Caponata brewing in the Le Creuset Dutch Oven...if you don't have one of these, buy one- NOW! I'm particularly fond of this one!

Presentation & Plating is key.


The gelato and strawberries were incredible!

As you can clearly see, it was a really fun night!  We already are discussing signing up for another class soon.

I will also have to share some of the recipes with you!

Have you ever taken a cooking class before?

What are some creative date night ideas you've done before?

Have a great day!


  1. I am so jealous -- that looks so delicious and fun. I hope you were able to unwind a little bit -Summer will be here soon!

  2. That sounds amazing!! What a perfect date night :) I wish my husband liked cooking. This would be right up my alley though! Check out my post today ;)

  3. SUCH a good idea! There's a sur la table not too far from me...might have to surprise the boyfriend!

  4. I have been wanting to do a cooking class too! Your menu looked divine. Do you think it is worth it (time and money wise)? PS - I heard Williams-Sonoma had classes also.

  5. I've heard great things about the sur la table classes! We took a cooking class as part of a bachelorette night but at a different location. I know my husband would love this - we love cooking shows.

  6. What a fun date idea! I have been wanting to do a cooking class. Corey and I went to pizza school in Manhattan before we moved back and it was just so fun!

  7. How neat-Eric and I would love to try this! And Bryce has got to be the BEST boyfriend ever, I just have to say he's going to make the most awesome dad one day!

  8. PS I keep noticing your jean shorts and love them, can you share the source? Thank you!

  9. love your outfit! this looks so fun, something I've always wanted to do!

  10. What a great date night idea!! I didn't realize Sur La Table did cooking classes, I need to look into this!

  11. A cooking class sounds like such a fun date night.. And the food all looks delicious!

  12. So fun! Love the tip about scallops - may help me if I ever get the nerve to make them at home. This is a great date idea for sure.

  13. Oh yeah, definitely going to book a surprise cooking class with Robbie! We love cooking together at home so I've already started looking up classes at Charleston Cooks!

  14. I had a bachelorette party at Sur La Table and loved it! PS-Can you tell me where you got that cute top? I love it!

  15. This is so cute!! A great idea for my bfs birthday in July!! Maybe I'll surprise him too ;) what a great gift!!

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