Happy Thursday readers!

It's been a good short week over here so far!

I'm excited today to say I've finally hit the booties jackpot!

Remember this post?

After really really disliking the booties trend, I have become a convert.

And I've been on a major hunt to find the perfect pair...at C. Wonderful, no less.

Meet C. Wonder's Suede Ankle Boot:

You like?

They also come in this mushroom color:

Not a bad price point at $148, but I think I might try my luck and see if they go on sale...

Maybe scoop up some other C. Wonder goodies at said sale?

Are you a fan of C. Wonder?  The booties trend?

What are you recent shopping jackpot finds?

Have a great day!


  1. The booties are too cute but I also seriously love that throw!

  2. I love that throw! I have a blanket addiction and that one would be perfect for my little "collection" :)

  3. Those booties are so cute! I have struggled with the trend - I like it, but I think it looks weird on me. I'm actually wearing the ones I have (from Target) in my post today!

  4. I love the throw too!! I don't think I can pull off booties, but I like the look! Hope they go on sale soon!!

  5. I felt the same way about the bootie trend and actually, almost pulled the trigger on the mushroom color a week or two ago- they were on sale then, so i figure they'll mark them down soon!

  6. I have been the same way about booties and was so happy when I saw these (although I wish these came out in the fall!) but did you see that they are 30% off today?! I think I may go ahead and try the mushroom ones!

  7. Ooh love the gray booties. I'm a huge booties fan but the ones with the zipper on the back always ruby my heels. Maybe these wouldn't though? Loving the C. Wonder blouse too!

  8. I love that throw! Such a pretty color and pattern!

  9. I love all of your choices! I always find things I love on their site but have yet to pull the trigger on any purchases.

  10. Love booties. I hear about C. Wonder and see things posted but haven't visited their site yet. I'll have to.

  11. Ahhh, those booties are fab! Do you know if they run true to size?

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

    1. The sales associate told me they run a little small but when I tried them on they actually ran big on me. If you're between sizes I'd recommend sizing down.

  12. I LOVE the booties!! I tried them on a few weeks ago and am still kicking myself that I didn't buy them. I think they were on sale in the Columbus Circle store last weekend if you want to call and check (maybe they'll give you the sale price over the phone and ship them to you?).

  13. I'm so so SO in love with those C. Wonder booties- and they're really tempting me with the 30% off boots today!!


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