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Happy Tuesday readers!

I am hoping temperatures are warmer where you are!  We got about 4" of snow and ice yesterday and I am on my second snow day of the week.  I am definitely not complaining about the time off, but am also ready for spring!  What's even crazier is on Sunday, temps were in the 70s!

Today I wanted to share a mini getaway to Charlottesville that Bryce and I had this past weekend.

We both have been talking about how we've needed a getaway for the last month or so, but haven't really had a good time to take a trip.

We made a spontaneous decision, at the beginning of last week, however, to take a mini-getaway to Charlottesville.

Being a UVA alum, I start itching for a C'ville trip every few months and visit at least twice a year.  Our last trip had been in June, so it was definitely time for another!

This weekend was also particularly special because we decided to "unplug" during the trip...meaning no time on Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook for me and no time on eBay/Wikipedia/Google for Bryce.  It was so nice to step back and completely focus on each other.

We headed out early Saturday and started our trip with a stop at Montepelier, James Madion's home.  Montpelier is in Orange, Virginia, on the way to Charlottesville and it was a fun way to break up our trip.

Funny tidbit- Google Maps directed us to a service entrance to the plantation and took us on a very interesting route down "Chicken Mountain Road."  Fortunately, Bryce was able to navigate and find the main entrance.

The plantation was gorgeous and our tour guide really knew his stuff!

I especially enjoyed learning about Dolley Madison and Paul Jennings.

We took a peek at the gardens and decided we definitely want to visit again in spring or summer!

After our tour, we stopped at the Barbecue Exchange in Orange for lunch.

I loved the pig on the rice krispie treats!

We hadn't eaten breakfast before leaving Richmond, so suffice it to say, we were hungry!

With full bellies, we headed to Charlottesville and went straight to one of our favorite spots, The Happy Cook, a gourmet cooking shop!

I kinda wish I had bought a pack of these fun birthday candles!

Paper Straws galore!

I have been wanting a stoneware bread basket for quite some time, and finally bought one this weekend!

We also headed to some other nearby favorites, Creme de la Creme and Pink Palm before heading to the hotel to relax for a bit before dinner.

Back at the hotel we were able to catch the tail end of the UVA-Syracuse baseball game and see the Wahoos win the ACC title!

As a side note, for dinner, I wore the J. Crew Factory Boyfriend Sweater with Paige Skinny Pants that have a leather stripe down the side (similar here) and nude heels!  If you have not yet checked out the boyfriend sweater, you must!  I ordered this pink one a few weeks ago and am in love!  I have since ordered two more colors.  It is so comfy and flattering...not to mention, on sale now!

We had 8:00 dinner reservations at one of my favorite C'ville restaurants, Orzo Kitchen & Wine Bar.

We started with the Fritto Misto

I had the Italian Mac & Cheese as my entree.

And the Italian Citrus Cake for dessert.

Each course was delicious, but the citrus cake was by far my favorite.  It was light and delicious!

After dinner we had planned to stop by some "Corner" bars, but were just too tired.  I fell asleep almost instantly after laying down and can definitely tell I'm getting older...haha!

The next morning we had brunch at Bluegrass Grill.  I am not exaggerating when I say this might be the best brunch place...in the world!  I had been dying to take Bryce ever since we first started dating and was glad to finally have the chance!

I had the Denver Omelette, Bryce got a special, the Big Bad Wolf's Delight.  We also shared some French Toast!

Finally, we ended our visit with a stop at my favorite Corner shop, Duo and a walk down The Lawn!

It was so nice to getaway...even for just a day!  We came back Sunday feeling so renewed and rejuvenated!  I'm already looking forward to our next C'ville visit!

And, just for fun, here's a look at our full loot!


  1. What a perfect lil getaway! Ahhhhhhhh the Italian Mac n cheese!!!!

  2. I live less than an hour from Charlottesville and go there all the time! It's a nice place. Glad you had a fun weekend!


  3. Fun weekend! We love the BBQ Exchange! My parents live in Madison, just outside of Cville, we make sure to stop for some BBQ every time we visit. Charlottesville is one of our favorite towns, so many good wineries, too!

  4. This post practically has me crying! I miss Cville so much and haven't been back since graduation in May. It's just so far from NYC! I really miss all the great shops and restaurants.

  5. I wish I could say the weather was warmer except its actually colder!! haha.

    looks like a really fun trip!

  6. What a fun - and good food-filled - weekend! Love those birthday candles and need to snoop for some online!

  7. I went to C'Ville a few weeks ago, mainly to get a few items from Trader Joe's, but also to soak up the beauty! Next time I go I'll have to get restaurant recommendations from you!

  8. Looks like a great getaway! I love c-ville

  9. This reminds me that I need a girl's weekend with one of my besties who lives in C'ville!

  10. Looks like a lovely weekend! We have a wedding in Charlottesvillle next year and this post made me very excited to explore the town !!

  11. SO JEALOUS! I adore Montpelier. The next time you are in the area, there is the BEST little French restaurant that you must try to get into. http://www.restaurant-pomme.com/ Seriously, in the top three French meals I have had in my lifetime - including the ones in France.

  12. What a fun little weekend getaway. And such a great idea to spend a whole weekend unplugged. I'm totally stealing that idea next time my husband and I get away.

  13. Looks like y'all had so much fun! I always forget how close Charlottesville is, perfect for even just a day trip and always great for winery stops! I am checking out that sweater as a I speak and just popped the grey and pink my cart! Hope you had a great week love!

  14. Love to see other people enjoying Orange! I'm from a huge Woodberry Forest family.

  15. Oh my! This looks like so much fun!! The food also looks too good. That citrus cake, yes please. I've been to Charlottesville once and really enjoyed it. The campus at UVA is lovely and there's lots of good history and things to do. Looks like a wonderful getaway.

    I am still PROCESSING your email. Wow... Will work on a response this week. xoxo


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