TGIF friends!

This week proved to be a pretty easy week back. Due to super cold temps, I lucked out with a 2 hour delay on both Tuesday and Wednesday.  It definitely made the transition back to early mornings a bit easier. Also funny to see how much better I function when school starts at 9:15 rather than 7:15!

Today I thought I'd share a fashion pondering of late with you.

I'll be honest (and hope I don't offend anyone)...I've never really liked booties. Not really sure why- perhaps they're a bit too edgy for my usual taste?

Anyways- a recent outfit has had me questioning my prior opinion of them.

Last week for my meet up with the sweet Eloquently Emily, I paired a white faux fur vest with a favorite heart Elsa. I loved the combo-- trendy meets uber girlie! I threw on my favorite skinny jeans (here) and Fryes (here) to complete the look.  Since then I have been thinking about the outfit a bit more, though, AND...

I keep thinking that rocking it with booties would be fab!!!



I've been proud of myself for taking some fashion risks in the last few months and wearing things that might be out of my usual comfort zone.  Are booties next on the list?

Maybe I can snag a pair on sale as the season comes to an end...

Have a great weekend, my sweeties!


  1. Very cute! I'm unsure about booties as well, but my sister has a pair from J Crew that I do dream about sometimes... love that outfit choice thought!

  2. I'm with you, not a booties person but I like what you're thinking on this outfit!

  3. I was NOT a booties girl until just a few weeks ago when I snagged a pair of Madewell booties on mega sale. I think it paired with the right outfit, they're cute and not too edgy (i.e. not with high waisted shorts, haha).

  4. I was with you...until this Christmas! I just got a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Rosmore booties and I love them. I think the trick is finding a pair that covers the ankle and is a little structured. Helps them feel a little more classic and less edgy :) xo

  5. I didn't buy into the boogie crazy either, but got a pair in sale and have worn them a couple of times. I like them, and they work perfectly with a few outfits, but still more of a tall boot girl!

  6. I still have not jumped on this trend yet either. I think they look cute on others but just not sure what I would wear them with. I love your outfit styling though! I adore the elsa top

  7. I've always thought they were too "edgy" for me also. I have been seeing so many adorable outfits lately though that I might have to reconsider!

  8. I like them, but I never know how to style them! I have a pair from Target, but I seriously haven't worn them yet. Love this ensemble!

  9. I have a pair that I got on clearance last year at Target, and they have sat in my closet because I can't seem to muster up the courage to wear them. Wear them WELL, I should clarify. I love them on others, not so sure on me. So I continue with my Frye harness and Melissa boots until I can get enough courage! They'd be really cute with that vest though!

  10. I've always been a bit scared of booties (although I have some Toms wedges that border on booties), but those would look fabulous with that outfit! PS: where did you get your vest?! I'm on the search for the perfect one!



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