3 Restaurants, 1 Night

Happy Hump Day friends!

Can you believe Christmas is just one week away?

I am ready to enjoy the holiday and say hello to 2014!

Today I wanted to share a fun date night Bryce and I had last weekend.

I apologize in advance for the poor quality of pictures...the whole night was quite impromptu and I wasn't prepared with my camera!

Sunday night, we went to an annual Candelight Service with Bryce's family for Christmas.  It was at Grace Covenant, a historic church downtown and we have a tradition of always making our way to The Jefferson Hotel after Candlelight to see all the decorations.

My favorite is always the giant gingerbread house...

This year they outdid themselves with a sleigh fashioned out of gingerbread.
It contained more than 350 pounds of gingerbread, 400 pounds of icing, 70 pounds of fondant, and more!

I really wanted to climb into the sleigh with Santa!

After checking out the decor we decided to grab a drink at Lemaire, the Jefferson's 5 Star Restaurant!

Bryce got his favorite, an Old Fashioned and I got the Pom Queen.

Bryce's stepbrother is Lemaire's executive chef and his pimiento cheese is my favorite so I convinced Bryce we had to have some!

While munching on the cheese, we discussed where to go for dinner and I mentioned how I had always wanted to have a night where you have each course at a different restaurant.  Bryce said "Let's do it tonight!" and a fabulous date night got started.

After finishing our drink and appetizer course at Lemaire, we decided to head to Edo's Squid, another Richmond favorite.

We gorged on pasta...my favorite is their spaghetti with crab meat as seen here.  Bryce ordered the carbonara!
If you can't tell by the picture, I was a bit surprised by the flash!

And finally, for dessert, we went to the location of our first date:  Can Can Brasserie.

The atmosphere at Can Can is truly magical!

We shared the Chocolate & Strawberry Mousse and sipped on after dinner drinks!

At the end of the evening the waiter at Can Can snapped our picture asking if it was a special occasion- we answered "Kinda...we just went to 3 restaurants in one night!"  We then explained our evening and he loved the idea and said he would have to do it soon with his girlfriend!

All in all, it was a fantastic evening and certainly helped curb my typical Sunday night blues!

Have you ever done this?

What are your favorite date night ideas?

Come back Friday to see how I've decked our halls!

Have a great day!