Loving...Sweater Edition

Happy Friday readers!

It has been a great week for me and I hope for you too!

I don't know what the weather has been like where you live, but here, things got very chilly, very quickly!

Yesterday morning temps were in the 30s on my drive to school and it felt like winter.

That being said, this edition of "Loving..." is devoted to sweaters.

I definitely am hoping to stock up on sweaters this season, as my collection is pretty skimpy!

Here are some that I am smitten with!

This sweater is the epitome of chic and feminine.

I'm loving the leather trend of late, but am not quite daring enough to fully embrace it-- the leather on this sweater is just right.

This would be the perfect festive holiday sweater!

Loose, flowy sweaters are my fave and this one is effortlessly chic.

This is technically a sweatshirt, BUT, it's cozy, cute look is putting it on my Loving... list this week.  I am already imagining it paired with my olive cords!

And last but not least...

I am hoping that the fur trend never goes out of style.  SWOON!

What are you loving lately?

Are you a sweater person?

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love sweater weather!! That C.Wonder one is so cute!

  2. Love that first one the best! Sweater season makes me so happy.


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  4. Love that Boden sweater! I need something like that in my closet for sure.

  5. Hope you are well. I love that second one.


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