House Tour: Dining Room

Happy Hump Day!

Sorry there has been a bit of a lull in my house tour posts.  I've literally been pulling 12 hour days at school AND bringing work home with me, so the blog has been a bit neglected.

That being said, I am very excited to share our dining room with you today.

I don't have any before pictures of the dining room, because quite honestly it seems to be always evolving and changing.

When I first met Bryce, he literally had an oversized rectangular dining room table and no chairs.  It has come a long way since then!

I still have quite a vision for the dining room down the road.  However, it isn't a priority now and additionally,  working on the house and putting my touch on things is an ongoing effort and I'm happy to take baby steps!

So without further adieu, you're invited to a virtual dinner party...

Take a look at the party's decor!

I had a particularly fun time putting together a fall tablescape for this virtual soiree!

This is a view of the dining room from the living room.
I love the French doors that lead straight to the back patio!

I pretty much refuse to ever put a tablecloth on the table, because I can't bear the thought of covering up the beautiful cherry wood.

This is the view from the far left corner of the room.
Bryce's mom gave him the corner cabinet for his 25th birthday and we store our oyster plate collection inside!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram have already seen this bar set-up I created over the summer!

I am obsessed with this snakeskin tray I found at Home Goods (my happy place!).

I also love, love, love this painting we bought together at last year's Waterfowl Festival in Easton, Maryland.

This space, on the opposite wall from the bar space, is where the actual bar is!

This room, in particular is filled with reminders of our travels.  For example the painting in this picture was also found at the Waterfowl Festival last year, and Bryce's mom bought it for him as a Christmas present.  We bought the fish plate at an antique store on a trip to Charlottesville.

Did you really think all our booze would fit on that little tray?!?

Believe it or not, Bryce picked out the floral fabric for these cushions!

Tablescapes have been particularly fun since getting the dining room together.  I have really been enjoying these napkins that my grandmother passed down to me!

And finally:  No room in Bryce's house would be complete without some ducks and dogs!

What do ya think?

My dreams for the dining room involve apple green walls and a fancy chandelier...BUT...they can wait for now!  

*And finally, just a note, this is just a starter home.  I'm 24 and Bryce is 26.  It is not our dream home and this is not how I plan to decorate my dream home.  We are working together to mesh my style into Bryce's already furnished and mostly complete home.  We know there's not quite enough space for all our stuff and not every piece in the house will not be our forever piece, SO, if you're a realtor...please don't post any comments on my blog or contact me.  We're not looking to sell or to buy a bigger house; I just want to share a big part of my life lately on my blog!*

Have a great day!