Resolutions Update and an April Fool!

Happy April my chickadees!

How was your Easter?

Those of you that follow me on Instagram, know I went to the country with Bryce for Easter with his grandmothers.  I always enjoy our weekend trips to the country and he has two adorable grannies so it was a nice weekend!

Being that today is April 1st and we are now a quarter of the way through 2013, I thought it would be a good to update you on my resolutions progress.

Part of the reason I shared my resolutions on the blog was to increase accountability, and so it would only be appropriate to report on my progress.

I'll quickly recap my resolutions in this post, but to read the full post on them, click here!

So here goes:

Blog More:
My first resolution was to blog more in 2013.  As a part of my resolution to blog more I decided to schedule a weekly blog time on Tuesday afternoons.  I figured adding it into my schedule each week would be a good way to ensure that I found the time to blog.  This weekly time has worked pretty well, however, March was a bit hectic so I wasn't able to get my Tuesday time in each week.  My goal was to post at least once a week, though, and I have stuck to that and even posted twice many weeks!  I have definitely enjoyed being back in the blog world and have enjoyed reconnecting with all of you!

Gripe Less:
This resolution was mostly for Bryce.  He is so good to me.  I honestly don't think I would ever find someone to love and care for me  more than Bryce does.  With that being said, I sometimes am hard on him about little things and decided that I would try to do a better job of picking my battles in 2013 and letting things slide.  I'm still a bit of a control freak and am far from perfect, but I will say I have noticed our relationship has reached another level in the last few months and I'd like to think it's partly due to my conscious effort to be more grateful of him each day.

Get Fit...again!
I have to toot my own horn on this resolution a bit.  I have really dedicated myself to getting healthy again and have seen major results.  Since the start of the year I have lost 18 pounds and am thrilled!  My biggest goal was to be able to fit back in all my clothes and it has been wonderful to rediscover my closet again!  My goal was to lose 25 pounds total, so I have 7 more to go.  I have changed my diet a lot, mostly cutting down on portion size, carbs, and sugars and have really noticed a difference in how I feel.  I have also started cycling again and make it to class 2-3 times a week.  A part of that resolution was also a workout tip jar.  Every time I work out I add $2 to the jar and was not supposed to buy any clothes until the jar reached $100.  Well, I have to admit, that I have not stuck to this completely.  I made it almost two months before caving and buying some clothes.  I have however cut way back on my shopping because of the jar and am still planning to treat myself to something when it reaches $100.  I'm not beating myself up over this though because the whole point of the jar was to motivate myself to get fit and I've found that motivation even without the pressure of the jar!  I also have been having so much fun "shopping" in my closet...so many clothes have been off-limits because of the weight I had gained so it has been so fun wearing many old favorites again!

I recently picked up these 3 favorite sundresses from my parents' house!
My two all time favorite Lilly dresses and a favorite Trina Turk...I couldn't fit into any of these last summer and can fit in all of them again!

My Easter outfit...I bought this dress last spring for Foxfield and it was a honestly a bit snug when I wore it, this year it's actually a bit loose and looks so much better on!

Try One New Food a Month
I'm not sure if this one has actually worked out to one each month (don't think I tried anything in February), however I have tried more than 3 new foods which works out to more than one each month.  While we were in Chapel Hill I tried a grapefruit and red pepper salad (yuck!).  I recently tried sushi while out to dinner with Bryce one night (yuck!).  I re-tried beans in a white chicken chili (yum!).  And I tried brussel sprouts just last week (yum!).

Did you make any resolutions?

How's it going?

And finally, for April Fool's Day, I thought it would be fun to try and play a little trick on you with the game 2 Truths and a Lie.  I'm going to list 2 truths and 1 lie, and you have to try to guess which is the lie while I try and fool you!

  1. Bryce and I met during my 4th year at UVA.
  2. I am naturally a brunette.
  3. I was a psych major in college.
Okay...now go!  Which one is the April Fools trick?!?