Aerosoles Broomstick

Happy Happy Friday the 13th friends!!!

Had a good week?  Mine has been great, but busy!  Tomorrow is moving day at my new apartment!!!  Luckily the apartment is not far from home so the moving process will be gradual and there isn't a huge rush to get everything in, but I'm hoping to get the big stuff out of the way this weekend!

Today I am delighted to bring you a post about a pair of shoes that I am the lucky owner of!  A few weeks ago Lindsey from OnlineShoes.com contacted me asking if I would style and review a pair of Aersoles shoes.

I'll be honest--my first thought was "Aerosoles?  Aren't those shoes for grandmas?"  Next I thought--"Well at least they're sure to be comfortable!"

Well my friends--they WERE comfortable, but also so much more!  These shoes are HOT!  So without further adieu here's my review and how I styled them.  I'd like to preface this post with a reminder that I am NO fashion blogger.  Bryce and I did have quite a fun time doing this little photo shoot, though!

I'm loving them with my coral toenails!!

I styled the wedges with three different looks, although, the possibilities are endless!

Look 1
I love this casual look--I would totally wear this teaching or for a summer cookout.

Bryce came up with this pose!

Look 2
I love the idea of this outfit for a wine night with the girls!  Comfortable, yet chic!  

I love mixing black, white, and pink!

Look 3
This outfit would be perfect for a date night!  

I've worn this look before with Jacks, but the wedges take the outfit to a whole new level!

white jeans and these wedges are the perfect pair!

So?!?  What do ya think?  Are you ready to buy yourself a pair?  

I love that they are high on fashion and comfort!  After walking all over the University of Richmond campus taking these pictures, I still felt completely comfortable!  

And finally my friends, you are in luck!  The Aerosoles Broomstick Wedges are now on sale!!!  Click here to purchase!  

How would you style these wedges?  What do you think of my looks?  Have a favorite?

And finally...I'll reward you with one of the funniest pictures of the evening....

I had to provide Bryce with a little entertainment during this long photo shoot!

To see more pictures from the photo shoot, check out the Sundresses and Smiles Facebok Page by clicking HERE!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Those are cute and yes, I would have thought the same thing. Great to hear they're up and up in style now! Very cute pictures and outfits.

  2. Loving them with your different pants options! Super cute! They remind me of the same height as the mid-wedge McKims which I have been drooling over!!

  3. thats so nice that you can gradually move in. It saves so much rushing around and effort.

    those shoes are actually pretty great :)

  4. Good luck with the move! You definitely have to have comfy shoes when teaching. Those are a great find!

  5. So funny. I laughed out loud with the grandma thing. Cute shoes. That company has some great shoes for kids. I just took a look.

  6. Oh my gosh, you're the cutest thing ever. And THOSE SHOES... hot hot hot!! I love that they're comfortable, too! I would definitely buy these.

  7. Yes they are not for grandmas anymore. They have some cute ones that are so comfy

  8. Very cute!!! Glad to know they were comfy!

  9. Allie, I love all your looks, and especially your blog! It's so cute! :)

    -Rachel @ A Preppy State of Mind

  10. very cute shoes! After walking for hour in NYC in uncomfortable wedges, I will happily take some comfy and stylish shoes!

  11. I have picked up so many cute shoes and have been surprised to see that they're Aerosoles! They have some really cute designs now! BTW cute outfits!

  12. Cute AND comfortable shoes!?! you lucked out! I am loving those!


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