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Happy Thursday my loves!

Can you believe Valentine's Day is less than a week away?  I thought it was high time to add a little Valentine's Day decor around Bryce's house.  He's out of town on a business trip until tomorrow, so I thought:  Why not surprise him with some decorations when he gets home?

Y'all--he's a little paranoid!  I told him there's a surprise at his house and he thinks I've totally redecorated and painted his room hot pink!  (Well, that MAY be a bit of a stretch, but he is a little worried about what this "surprise" is!)

My goal was to add a little romance and Valentine's fun to the place without overwhelming the entire house with hearts and bursts of pink.  Hopefully he'll like the end result!

My first stop on the decorating mission was his dining room.  

I've had a heart shaped rose wreath since my first year of college and Bryce told me I was not allowed to put it on his door weeks ago.  The wreath is so beautiful though, I wanted to find a spot for it somewhere.  I decided it would make a lovely centerpiece on his dining room table....

I put the wreath in the center of the table and added a silver candelabra Bryce's grandmother passed down to him on his last visit!

Aerial View
any tips on getting candles to stay put in their slots?  these are not sturdy in the candelabra at all!

I couldn't help adding a little sparkle with some pink heart confetti.  I don't think it's too girlie...

doesn't it pop on the red tablecloths!?

My next stop was the kitchen table!

I bought the frame and blocks in the Tarjay dollar section last year...I love the blocks-- they can spell out "xoxo", "kiss", "hugs", and "love"

My last step was to add a few discreet touches in the living room.

I added some confetti to this little dish on the coffee table!

I wish I could keep Valentine's Day decorations out all year!

And the final touch was some red candies in this bowl we bought at Rosemont Vineyards & Winery.

those chocolates are actually leftover from Christmas..oops!

Lastly, I posted on the Sundresses and Smiles Facebook Page yesterday that I was feeling crafty:  I decided to paint this dollar store canvas!  I need to get a new silver paint pen today to make the "be mine" stand out a bit more to make it complete.  I was going to find a spot for it at Bryce's, but I kind of like it in my room...what do y'all think?

Have you done any Valentine's Day decorating?

Have a great day!


  1. I love all of the decorations! And I always ball up a little piece of tissue or toilet paper and stick it to the bottom of the candles. You can't see it and it helps to balance them. :)

  2. You are the sweetest girlfriend! I love all the little touches like candy in your special bowl. Your canvas is adorable.

  3. You went all out! And I love it! It looks great!!!

  4. Too cute! I haven't done any Valentine's Day decorating this year, and I feel like I need too.

  5. Your decorations are great! I love that you made the heart wreath a centerpiece...great idea!

  6. Your decorations are fabulous! I am loving the heart wreath as your centerpiece and how cute is your canvas sign! xo

  7. Replies
    1. We haven't done any Valentine's day decorating or planning. I did decide this week, that I think I'll at least pick up some champagne. I love your decor; I'll have to figure something out this weekend to spruce our place up!

  8. Absolutely ADORABLE! You've done a great job (a lot better than me, that's for sure)! Thanks for sharing with us. :)


  9. You did a fabulous job... perfect amount .. he will be pleased , happy (and relieved) ... happy Thursday..xo HHL

  10. Very cute! I bet he'll love the surprise. I always burn an extra candle a little and drip some hot wax on the bottom of where the candles will go, pop them in while the wax is still hot and as the wax dries, the candles are set in place!

  11. you did such a great job with the canvas!

  12. I love all your decorating, not too girlie at all!! For the candles, they make these little rubber band type things to put on the bottom to secure them better. I'm sure you can find them at your local hardware store! (I actually had to get some of those too!)

  13. Aw, you are too cute! I think it's perfect for V-Day :)

  14. So cute! I never do any Valentine's day decorating, but I should really start! My little world could always use some extra pink and more hearts!

  15. Cute decorations! I love the wreath on the table! I can never get candles to stay either, but my mom taught me a trick--wrap some saran wrap around the base of the candle, which will make it a little bit fatter, and then stick it in the holder, and it stays so much better! Let me know if it works!

  16. I think he is going to love the decorations. I haven't decorated for Valentines, but I will be getting out the Easter decor soon!

  17. I hope you and Bryce have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

  18. This is adorable!! Girl, you are too creative. He is going to dieee when he sees them all! :)

  19. Just came across your blog and I love it!! These are such cute decorations! That is a great idea, I need to spruce up my house a bit! Thanks for the idea :)
    Can't wait to read more from you!!!

  20. Don't know WHY he won't let you put that heart wreath on the door. What a party pooper!

  21. Just found your blog... I love it!! Love the decorations for Valentine's day, too :) he'll love it!

  22. Aww I think the decorations are cute, and LOL at him being all worried and thinking you've redecorated his entire house! That's hilarious! :P

  23. I have never decorated for V Day - weird?!?!

  24. Ha, I love that you decorated his house while he was away! I can't wait to find out what he thinks when he walks in the door. I think you did a great job! I saw the cutest XO door hanger that I wanted to make, but never got around to it.

  25. Oh, you are such a girl after my own ♥! I'm sure Bryce will appreciate your effort!!! I have decorated. A cute little candy vignette in my kitchen (where I change things out seasonally) and a big red heart hanging on my front door!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!
    xo Elizabeth

  26. I love what you did to his place and I think he will too! :) I haven't decorated at all since I've been so busy with teaching, grad school, and my job. Maybe this weekend?

  27. You could totally do that necklace from your post the other day with that ModCloth dress you were commenting about on my blog. If you pair it with some wedge sandals, it would give you more height and elongate your figure . It would look great on you!

  28. You are the sweetest girlfriend ever! Bryce will love it, even if he doesn't admit it ;).


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