Epic Weekend

Happy Monday readers!

I am feeling tired on this Monday morning.  Our weekend was one for the record books!  We had tons of fun, but probably didn't get as much sleep as we should have.  That's what being young is all about, though, right?

Friday I stayed at school until almost 6:00 with another teacher on my team.  We were busy preparing for the 100th Day of school today.  After all our hard work we decided happy hour was necessary.  We headed to Cafe Caturra and indulged in a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and some pimiento cheese (theirs is one of my favorites!).

Bryce had also met a friend for happy hour, so afterwards, we both met up and went to Mexican before heading to some friends' house for Cards Against Humanity.

Miami Vice:  Half Pina Colada, Half Strawberry Margarita, WHOLE lotta yum!

I enjoyed this more grown up (and raunchy) version of Apples to Apples, although some of the cards were a bit extreme for my taste...

Saturday, Bryce had a pheasant hunt so I used the day to get some stuff done around the house and run errands before our double date plans with some of our newest friends Erin and Ryan (read her blog here)!  I also took some time to primp, painting my nails and trying my new Clinique Chubby Stick in Pudgy Peony!  I love this fun, yet subtle pink color!

I was thrilled the weather was warm enough to wear short sleeves!

Erin and Ryan came to our house for a cocktail before heading to The Roosevelt for dinner.  We had all been dying to try it and actually had planned to go on our first double date, but weren't able to get a reservation.

One of my errands of the day had been a Target run.  I'd been dying to scoop up this fab wrapping paper and knew it would be a fun way to switch up my lucite ice bucket for cocktails that night!

Erin is the sweetest and brought us this cool tray as a hostess gift.  What's funny is I had bought the exact same Fancy Pants bottle of wine at Target for us to drink!

After a cocktail, we headed to The Roosevelt.  Located in the historic Church Hill neighborhood, it is one of the newer, up and coming Richmond restaurants.  We'd all heard rave reviews!

LOVE this girl!

The menu did not disappoint!

We started with their Southern Poutine and Smoked Chicken Wing appetizers.

they were...incredible!

For entrees, Bryce and Ryan both got the New York strip, Erin got the scallops, and I got the mahi!  We all shared and took tastes off each other's plates:  Every entree was spot on!  

The mahi had a curried Virginia peanut sauce which gave it a Thai flavor.

The scallops were so succulent!

My favorite was the steak and I took quite a few bites off of Bryce's plate!

As you can imagine, our bellies were quite full so we skipped dessert and decided to head to The Grill, a bar close to our houses.  Prior to this past weekend, I don't remember the last time I stayed at a bar until last call.  We had a blast, and needless to say, things got a little silly!

Sunday we slept in and headed into Carytown for brunch and a stop at the Farmer's Market.  It was a gorgeous day and we spent much of the day outside!

Looks like spring is coming!

Thought this little trike I saw on our walk was so cute!

Finally, we ended Sunday night with baking and Downton Abbey!

Cupcakes for the 100th Day celebration!

Did you have a good weekend?

Was the weather warm where you are?

Have a great day!