Loving...Valentine's Edition!

Happy Thursday readers!

Good week?

I am definitely ready for Friday to get here!  After so many snow days, getting back into a normal routine has been exhausting!

Today I bring you "Loving...Valentine's Edition!"

How adorable is this sweater?
And my friends...it's on sale for less than $30!

If only I were talented enough to make Bryce some of these...

I love the mixture of papers used to make this DIY mobile and think it is something that would be perfect in a little girl's room year round!

I think their name should really be C. Wonderful. This would make a great gift!

I love cheesy homemade Valentine's and this is one of the most clever I've seen in a while!

I've looked at this journal a handful of times at various bookstores and really need to get it.  It is full of questions to fill in all about the one you love...it would be something that could be saved and re-read for years to come!

Now this I think is actually in the realm of my baking talents...might take a stab at it next week!

What was your favorite off my list?

Have you found any cute Valentine's Day ideas lately?

Have a great weekend!