Dear Tory

Dear Tory,

It's been quite some time since you've had a big sale...I'm talking "Friends and Family" 25% off kinda sale...

I'd really like our relationship to continue, BUT, I'm gonna need some effort on your end.  I've got a $50 gift card right now, but I'm really waiting for a sale to use it.

I've got my eye on these...

I'm sure you read about my newfound love of booties here!

Now I can understand if you aren't ready to mark the booties down.  If that's the case, you know I'll never turn down a new pair of Revas!  I'm really impressed by this new tiger lily and gold combo you came up with! You're so talented, my friend!

And Tory, before you say it...I know I have a lot of Revas!  I'm trying to branch out...how about being a good friend and helping me to get my first ever pair of TB sandals?  These are pretty great!

So what do ya think?  Maybe you could send a little love through a sale?  Valentine's Day is coming up; not to mention, I have been a loyal friend for quite some time now...

I'll be your best friend forever!

Love always,