Tips for New Bloggers

Happy Hump Day!  Man...I am tired!  I forgot how much being with the kids all day exhausts me (a big round of applause out there to all you mamas!).  Cuties A and B and I have been having an absolute blast.  Monday was a pool day and yesterday we spent the day at Maymont, the most fabulous park (post coming soon).  Despite all the fun, I have been pooped at night and have been going to bed early!

Also, because I'm with the kids all day, my time for reading all of your blogs, is greatly diminished.  I'm trying my best to keep up with all my daily reads, but most of my comments will probably now be at night!

Finally, before getting onto today's post, I've been doing a little happy dance since last night!  I've reached my goal of 300 followers in 3 months!  YIPPEE and MANY THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!

Now onto today's post! (WARNING:  This post is text heavy but there is a picture at the end to reward you for reading, hehe!)

I'll admit, I'm still a blogging rookie, but now that I have been blogging for 3 months (I started March 15th), I figured now it be an appropriate time to post these tips for new bloggers that I've been working on for a while now!

Lots of people have emailed me asking how I have gotten so many followers in such a short time.  Though I'd like to attribute it to my incredible writing skills or wittiness, I don't think that's it.  I think the biggest part has probably been my addicition/obsession/dedication to blogging.

Below are the tips that I think have made me successful thus far!

Have fun!  I started this blog after becoming addicted to reading the blog Let the Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore.  I really enjoyed reading it and after a while, I thought "I can do this!"  Since then I've really had fun with my blog.  I try to add variety and post about what's on my mind.  Sometimes it's serious, sometimes it's superficial, and other times it's just random.  The most important thing, though, is to enjoy what you're doing.

Blog about what you love.  If you blog about who you are, what you love, and what you know it will show in your blog.  I don't try to stretch this blog to be something that it's not.  For example, every so often I try and post about something "deep" however it's been a while since my last really thought-provoking post.  Though this bothers me some, I also know that if I tried to force myself to add one of these posts when I can't really think of a good topic, it would be uninspired and not fun to read.

Follow other blogs!  This and the next tip are what I think have probably made this blog the most successful it can be.  What I have loved about blogging is the community aspect of it and the friendships I have made.  Supporting other blogs by following is a great way to get people on "your team" so to say!  When you decide to follow, comment and say "I'm your newest follower" so bloggers will know that you like what they're doing and support it.  In turn, they'll be more likely to support you as well.

COMMENT ON OTHER BLOGS! Does this tip stand out to you?  I hope so!  I honestly think that this tip is the #1 reason I have so many followers in a short time, and was especially crucial during the first few weeks of my blog.  The first few weeks of blogging I probably spent way too much time doing it!  I literally commented, commented, commented on other blogs.  My repertoire was that I would go through my "Blogs I LOVE" section and read each one daily and comment.  I also was constantly trying to find and comment on new blogs.  I would do that by clicking on other people's comments on posts I'd read or by looking at the Blogroll sections on other blogs.  When commenting, I always make sure to actually comment on the post and then at the end of my comment I would say something along the lines of "I just found your blog and really like it, please stop by mine" or "I'm new to blogging and love yours, please stop by mine and share any tips you might have."  This way, not only would the blogger more than likely check out my blog, so too would other people that saw my comment.  I still do this, but not the extreme I did at the beginning of blogging.  Now, I simply go through my "Blogs I LOVE" section daily, and will scroll through the Blogger Reading List when I have the time.  Additionally, I try my very hardest, to check out the blogs of everyone that comments on mine. I still find new blogs randomly, as well!

When an idea for a post comes to you, write it down!  Whenever I get the idea for a new post I either will jot it down in my planner, or, if I'm near the computer, I'll even make a draft post on Blogger.  If I have a title idea I'll write it then, if not I'll just write something that will let me know the topic.  Then inside the draft, I'll either write the post, or just jot down notes so I won't forget what I was thinking.  I currently have close to 20 drafts, which is great, because it provides me a store of posts for times when I might be feeling uninspired or be just plain busy!

Seek inspiration in the world around you.  Since blogging, I so often will now think--"I can write/blog about this."  Sometimes posts that share the most everyday things can be the best.

Add pictures to your posts!  So, obviously, I'm not practicing what I preach in this post.  But, I guarantee in a majority of my other posts, there are pictures!  Adding pictures enriches your posts and makes them more fun!  For me, I love to read blogs for enjoyment, and if all the blogs I read were just text heavy I wouldn't have the time or enthusiasm to read them.

I hope these tips help!  I've only been doing this for three months and I know I still have a lot more to learn, but I thought it would be good to share what has worked for me so far!  Also, PLEASE, add other tips you have in the comments section so we can all share our tips and ideas with each other!

And finally, to not be a total hypocrite, I'll add a picture!

I get to see this girlie tonight and could not be more thrilled!
Allie and LPC