Happy Hump Day!

Hope everyone has had a fabulous start to the week.  Last Tuesday, the Cuties and I took our annual trip to Maymont Park.

Cutie B, Allie, Cutie A

Maymont is one of the MANY things I love about Richmond, but the kids and I only usually make it there once a summer when we have an unexpected cool day.

Maymont is a 100-acre estate that was originally owned by the Dooley family.  The family gave it as a gift to the City of Richmond in the 1920s.  It is a free park and has a mansion, gardens, children's farm, animals, nature center, and walking trails.  It is so gorgeous and the perfect activity for a nice day.

Cutie B & Cutie A

We started the day at the children's farm and fed the animals.

Cutie A was grossed out by the goat's tongue!

Cutie B and Mr. Billygoat

We then ventured out to see the other animals the park has to offer!

Can you tell what a gorgeous day it was?

Cutie B checking out the bird cages!


Isn't this gray fox handsome?

HUGE bald eagle

Cutie A's wingspan is no match for the bald eagle's!

scenic waterfall

Next we headed over to the bears' habitat.  Maymont has always been known for its black bears.  A few years ago quite a stir arose when a four year old was bit, while he was reaching through the fencing with an apple in his hand.  The two bears were put to sleep causing great public outcry, because the bite was caused more by poor parental supervision than bear aggression.  Since then the bears have been replaced with two new bears.  When we went last week, I saw the bears the best I had ever seen them (often they are off in the distance or hiding).

After seeing the bears, we headed to our usual picnic spot in the Japanese gardens.

Normally there is the most gorgeous waterfall here, but there was no water to be seen last week...

Cutie B would have stayed on the stepping stones watching these fish for HOURS if I had let him!

Our final stop of the day was in the Italian gardens!

On the way Cutie B decided to check out what he believed to be an "Indian Trail"

The Italian Gardens had these benches in them.  
I loved this one, it reads:  
"Here in 1929 Henry asked Maria to marry him.
Their family and friends dedicate this bench
to all the joy that followed."

We had never noticed this little path and decided to explore...

and of course take a picture!

Standing inside that dome produces echoes!

Allie and Cutie A

Pretty butterfly!

If you're ever in Richmond on a sunny day, Maymont is a must-visit!

Do you have any favorite places like these where you live?

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Have a great day, and get pumped for some very exciting news and...a GIVEAWAY on Friday!