2019 Holiday Gift Guide: GENTS

Happy Thanksgiving Eve...again!

I'm so pleased y'all are already enjoying my Ladies Gift Guide!

I did an Insta poll earlier this afternoon to see if the Gents gift guide was worth it and y'all overwhelming voted "Yes please!" to a a guide for all the men in your life. As usual, this is skewed to the Southern Gent, and just like the Ladies guides, most of these items are things Bryce has and loves or wants for himself. In fact, most of the items in this guide were compiled by him for you!

Many links below are affiliate links meaning I earn a small commission if you click and make a purchase. More details on each item linked below the collage!

Leather Catchall20% off + free shipping with code FRIENDS; Bryce has a similar square version in a dark brown he keeps on his dresser, but I am loving the look of this "baseball leather" and shape and size; also love that the snaps on the corners enable you to flatten it; this catchall can make a collection of items (spare change, collar stays, etc) look tidy
Head Lamp: under $40; a favorite in our house - we have a bunch scattered about ready to grab at any moment; Bryce said to be sure to share it's not just for camping - think walking the dog, taking the trash out, grilling at night; this particular one is Bryce's very favorite!
Lip Balm: I gifted Bryce some of this lip balm last year and he loves it so much he recommended I include it on the guides; would make a great stocking stuffer!
Dot Socks: I gift Bryce socks in his stocking every year and also include them in my gents gift guide every year; these merino wool dotted socks are Bryce's favorite for dress up and I'll likely be choosing these for his stocking this year so he'll have a few fresh pairs; a bit on the pricey side, but sure to please; come in the black shown, plus 3 other colors
Personalized Stationery: under $30!; Bryce has some custom Crane stationery he was gifted that is so nice, but this stationery I found for the guides is equally handsome and a fraction of the price...plus I'm all for supporting a small American biz; I'm partial to the trout design pictured, but there are tons of other options sure to please any man in your life
Old South Hat: under $30; Bryce's recommendation - "Cool hat!"
South: under $30; if you follow Southern cuisine at all, you've heard of Sean Brock; he actually trained under Bryce's brother Chef Walter Bundy of Shagbark here in Richmond and we're big fans; this book is his newest cookbook and shares classic Southern recipes with a spin; if you haven't yet, also check out his first cookbook Heritage
Performance Button Down: I popped into Onward Reserve when in Georgetown last month and had to resist the urge to buy the whole store for Bryce for Christmas; I especially fell in love with these performance button downs that have the tailored look of a nice shirt, but the performance fabric of a fishing shirt; Santa may just have to bring one down the chimney for Bryce; run large - order one size down
Torch: under $50 and the satisfaction that will come using and showing off this torch is priceless; used to light a charcoal grill, one of our best friend's actually commented on Stories that I needed to include this - I mentioned it to Bryce, asking him to send the link, and he said "Oh yeah, Davis and Frank love the torch!" 
Almond Toffee Petites: the way to a man's heart is his stomach, and Bryce recommended these; I've never actually had them, which shows he keeps them all to himself, haha!
Nano Puff Jacket: Bryce has both this Patagonia puffer and the down version and prefers this one because it's lightweight, but still warm, and the nano puff is water resistant unlike the down; made of recycled materials; compressible and can stow in its own pocket; a little pricey, but quality, quality, quality and brand known for ethics; comes in 10 colors and true to size
Needlepoint Cuff Links: 20% off with code FRIENDS brings them to under $50; for the dapper guy in your life; these personalized black and white cuff links would look so good with a tux!
Letter Opener: under $40; this letter opener is made from the wood of tulip poplars Jefferson planted at Monticello; Bryce loves his!
Suede Loafers: under $100 and have 105 5-star reviews!; every man should have at least one good pair of loafers or driving mocs; these come in 6 colors and I also love the brown here on sale for just $60; Bryce has these crocodile ones I included in my guides last year; on sale for under $100; and, if you really want to spoil your man, I'd get these splurge suede driving mocs
Yeti Lowball: just $15 with code BRIGHT; Yeti products really are the best; we have a few of the tumblers and I'm continually amazed by just how cold they keep our drinks; love this lowball version for a cocktail on the go; would make a great stocking stuffer or white elephant gift
Camo Dopp Kit: 20% off + free shipping with code FRIENDS; a good dopp kit is another essential for every man and this camo printed leather really caught my eye; love that it's also lined with nylon for easy clean up and that the foil debossed monogram is included for free
Pheasant Lapel Pin: under $60; the best things come in small packages and this pin would make a great addition to a suit or blazer; also comes in lab, fly, and trout styles
ExOfficio Boxers: currently 40% off; these were the only thing Bryce asked for last year for Christmas; when I went to REI to get them, every salesperson in the place raved about them and when I shared on Stories and in my Prime last minute gift guide, many of you shared the men in your life are equally as obsessed as Bryce is; Bryce stocked up today while they're on sale, and you should too
Watch: on sale for $129 and has rave reviews; love the versatility of this classic watch and that it can be personalized with an engraved monogram on the back of the face 
Democracy Coasters: this set of 4 coasters feature the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Constitution, and the Civil Rights Act; great reviews and sure to please the patriot or history buff; also love these coasters and my parents gifted these to Bryce years ago and we always get compliments
Charging Carabiner: 20% off making it under $25 with code FRIENDS; this tool is so handy; throw it on a backpack or use it carry your keys and always have a phone charger at hand
Hot Sauce Ornament: just $8 (or less) with code BRIGHT; perfect for the hot and spicy man in your life
Garment Folder: Bryce bought this in advance of a two week work trip to Germany a couple of years ago and insisted I include it in my gift guides- he raves about it!; helps to perfectly fold your shirts when packing and also is a space saver
Waxed Tote: Filson products are a splurge, but are made in America of the highest quality and are extremely rugged and durable; the waxed style is water repellent and this is also nylon lined; Bryce has an earlier version without the zipper and loves its versatility; I'll also remind you of this other favorite tote that y'all have loved in my gift guides the last 2 years that is just $55!
Throw Blanket: currently 30% off; made of recycled materials, this throw is stylish enough to please both gents and ladies...much better than the nylon camping camo throw Bryce loves, haha!
Pocket Saw: under $40; another Bryce recommendation - "my favorite saw" - he keeps it in his blind bag when hunting to brush blinds; also great for cutting small firewood when camping, or even just pruning in the yard
Ostrich Boots: these boots are definitely a splurge, but handmade and so so good; I am hoping to be able to pop into the Tecovas store when in Austin next week; also love these and these are Bryce's all-time favorite boots (that I love, too), but I couldn't find a shoppable link to include them in the guide above
Cigar: under $70 for a pack of 4; if you're guy's into cigars, Bryce highly recommends these; would be the perfect Christmas present that could be enjoyed on New Year's Eve
Shotgun Shell Belt & Rattlesnake Belt: these are Bryce's two favorite belts, and that's saying a lot because he has too many belts; the rattlesnake is more of a splurge (and not my favorite, honestly), but he loves it and always gets compliments on it!
Card Bottle Opener: under $20 with code BRIGHT; love that this bottle opener is the size of a credit card and can fit easily into a wallet or money clip; would make a great stocking stuffer!

What men are you shopping for this year?

Happy shopping!

Have a great Thanksgiving!