5 Design Coffee Table Books on My Wish List

TGIF readers!

How have the last 8 months been?!

2018 has been an ahh-mazing year, here! But no need to waste time updating on that--the holidays and New Year will be here before we know it, so I might as well write about my year then.

As I've said a lot in my posts over the last couple years, this blog is still a space I treasure, but it's a space that just hasn't been a priority.

That said, I've been getting the creative itch a lot lately. Those who follow on Instagram know that Bryce and I "holidayed" in England last month. While sharing all our adventures on Instagram, and answering followers' questions there, I realized just how much I needed to blog about the trip. Since then, blog post ideas have been coming at me from every direction.

Last night, I polled you on Instastories to ask if people would even read here. I know that much of my time is spent following all my favorite bloggers not on their blogs, but their Instagrams. You all almost unanimously voted for "Yes, please!" to bring the blog back, though. I also appreciate all the messages letting me know which posts you love most.

I decided to ease back in today with a quick post.

Those who follow on Instagram, also may have seen this post. I was featured in RHome Magazine!!! I was listed as a Favorite Local Design Instagrammer. While it's just a mention, the fact that this little (neglected) blog has now been recognized in print has me over the moon excited! A follower actually sent me a picture of the mention while we were in London, so once we were back in town I knew I needed to get a copy.

While we were at the Barnes & Noble, Bryce, per usual, wound up in the Gardening section, which just so happens to be next to the Design section. I browsed Design Coffee Table Books while he browsed books on heirloom vegetables, mushrooms, and weeds (yes, these were literally the topics of the 3 books he purchased).

While browsing, I, of course, added a few to my wish list.

Meg Braff is one of my absolute favorite designers, so it's
no surprise I love this book..plus a foreword by Charlotte Moss!

This one is oozing with glamorous, traditional design!

This is an oldie, but goodie. 
Erin is actually working on her second book now, coming May 2019! 
(And, if you don't follow her on Instagram, you should! 
I follow her as much for her personality and
wit, as for her design acumen.)

Look at that cover! Need I say more?

Saved the best for last! This one is at the top of my wish list
and was trendy and modern meets traditional perrrrfection!

And here are a few favorites I already own:

Any other design book must haves?

What's on your wish list?

Have a great weekend!