Five on Friday

Happy Friday and Labor Day Weekend!

Wow..it feels so good to be back in this space writing again.

Pre-wedding it felt as if all my spare time went to planning, so post-wedding, it felt so good to just be, and do, nothing. I've had enough of nothing, now, though and proclaimed September 1 would be my return to both blogging and exercise!

I was planning a run this afternoon, but it's now raining. At least the blog post has happened, though! Maybe exercise will start on September 2...

My favorite blog schedule was my 10/month posts where I alternated M/W/F one week and T/Th the second. I'm hoping to get back in that groove, but admit it might be tough finding the time to post so frequently. I thought I'd ease in today, though, with a simple Five on Friday!

Married Weekends
As I shared, it's been so nice to just relax post-wedding. We've fortunately had a pretty low-key summer, which has been nice. We've loved having unplanned weekends and one of our favorite activities has been Saturday mornings at the South of the James Farmer's Market followed by time in the James River with Millie!
Blue Door Love
I've shared before that I'd love to paint our front door a fabulous coral color. While I still love the idea of coral, I've really been digging blue lately, too! Our house is painted white brick with black shutters, so would have a similar look to the photos below. Fun front doors are "very Richmond," too. Bryce loves our classic black door, though. To be continued...

New Blue & White
Speaking of blue...I'm so excited to have found some new blue & white for our mantel! I've wanted a matching pair of blue & white vases for our mantel forever, but had struggled to find what I envisioned at the right size, and more importantly, right price point. I was thrilled to have found Frontgate as a new source for my blue & white collection! They were having an awesome sale a couple of weekends ago, so I was able to order 2 of the Ming Vases well discounted from their already reasonable price point below $80! I was so pleased upon their arrival. They have the semi-gray background, which I prefer as I think it looks more antique and authentic than the stark white / bright blue pieces. Those that follow on Instagram, saw my reveal of them on Stories, but I'll have to put together a mantel post for the rest of you on here soon!
Crème de la Crumb
While September 1 is my return to blogging and exercise, we marked August 1 as our return to meal planning and regular cooking! I recently discovered the blog Crème de la Crumb and have been working my way through her 30 Minute Meals, pinning all that have sounded good. So far we've tried her Chicken Taco Marinade (and topped them with avocado, peach salsa, and cheese) and her Creamy Pesto Chicken Lasagna Rolls. Both have been really good and Bryce especially loved the lasagna rolls! I will share that the lasagna rolls took us longer than 30  minutes, though. I doubled the recipe however (using a rotisserie chicken), as well as added a bag of chopped spinach to the filling, and we were able to freeze 12 rolls that will provide us with 3 more dinners! I'm going to mix those up by topping them with different sauces. I think using jarred spaghetti sauce will make for a super easy meal one night and an alfredo sauce would also be delicious!
My new favorite tee!
I'd been eyeing this peplum tee online for a while! It's under $40 and super cute! That being said, we have been trying to be super budget conscious post-wedding. I finally decided I needed to treat myself and bit the bullet! I bought this tee just a few weeks ago and have already worn it multiple times! It is oh so soft and just easy to wear. In fact, I loved it so much that I went back and bought it in gray, too! It comes in a long sleeved option, too, which is perfect for the upcoming cooler months!
What's been on your mind lately?
Any fun Labor Day plans?
We have plans with friends on Sunday, but otherwise, are just going to relax!
Have a great weekend!