Lilly After Party Sale

Happy Monday readers!

I'm sure it comes as no surprise to y'all that the Lilly After Party Sale is enough to drag me out of the blogging cave I've been hiding in lately. I just couldn't resist sharing the amazingness that is this sale with you.

As you know, I've quit my job and don't have a new one lined up yet, SO, I have been pinching every penny lately. That being said, I just couldn't resist a little Lilly at great prices! My sale purchase will be the last fun purchase I make until I am employed!

Lilly changed up the process a little bit this year, to help avoid their typical site crash, and all in all, I'd say I'm happy with the process. They're only allowing a certain number of users to access the site at a time, so when you head over you are put in a virtual line. When I first checked in this morning around 8:00 am, when the sale started, I was behind some 68,000 people and it was saying wait time was more than an hour. I decided to log off, and just now tried again around 11:30. I got onto the site in less than a minute, and while a few things I had my eye on are gone, I was happy with the selection.

I ended up getting a bikini and pair of shorts, both of which I had wanted earlier in the season. I also, had tried both on earlier in the season, which was crucial as all sale items are FINAL SALE, so that made the purchases a win-win in my book!

I ordered a medium in both, and typically wear an XS/S and 4/6 in Lilly for your reference.

I also got these shorts which I have been dreaming of all summer long!
In these I wear a size 4, which is my usual Lilly size for shorts and skirts.

My order, with tax, totalled around $100, which you can't beat, especially considering the bikini alone would have set me back $136 at full price!

This Elsa sat in my cart for a while, but with a price point still at $99, 
I couldn't justify it given my current employment status.
In Elsas, I can wear an XS or S, and even have one M that I love and is a bit more flowy!

To shop other pieces I had my eye on, scroll through below!

Are you a Lilly lover like me?

Have you shopped the After Party sale?

Are you a fan of the changes they made this year?

Have a great day!